Friday, August 28, 2015

Flashback Friday

I discovered the model horse hobby in 1980 when I received my first issue of Just About Horses magazine. I was instantly intrigued and spent hours poring over each issue, memorizing the articles and studying the photos. I dreamed of attending a live show, but alas, then were none in my area. 

Laurel Haig was luckier. She attended several shows in the late seventies/early eighties. Today's post features some of her pictures from the 1979 Wisconsin Model Horse Convention in Wausau, Wisconsin. 

This is Laurel's little sister manning their table. Back then showers often had stables with differnt divisions for their favorite breeds. The horse on the far left is Sunshine's Alexis Ocala by Sue Rowe. She cost a whopping fourteen dollars and sported a human hair mane and tail!
More exhibitor tables, from left to right: Karla Wald, Judy Sturm (glasses), Michelle Oviatt (in red) and Nancy Mongan.
This is RM Khemosabi, a Proud Arabian Stallion by Julie Froelich. Back then artists often used thinned down Fun Fur for manes and tails.
This Appaloosa was created by another big name artist of the day, Kathy Maestas... 
and this one is by Michelle Oviatt.
On to performance! 
This pretty R/R/H Family Arabian Stallion is Shadowfax, by Julie Froelich. 
Here is a lovely Lady Phase by Laura Hornick (Behning), who also created her tack.
Thank you so much to Laurel for sharing these photos. They are exactly the kinds of images that captured my imagination so many years ago and inspired me to become the hobbyist I am today.

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