Friday, August 21, 2015

Vigilante Justice

Sometimes it pays to waste time on Facebook.

This beautiful Stacey Tumlinson Desperado resin by Caroline Boydston was listed for sale on one of the resin sales groups. 
Normally I would not be able to afford a horse like this...
but thanks to a broken forelock... 
and a cracked hind leg...
he was being offered at a deep discount. 
Broken things don't scare me. I immediately wrote: I'll take him! A lot of other people did the same, but I was first. Hurray!
Thank you so much, Alexandra. I still can't believe he's mine!


  1. WOW, he is *stunning*! Congrats on getting him! :)

  2. Those dapples are to die for! Such a beautiful model :) I've never had one of those amazing moments that make up for wasting time on FB, but I'm hoping that I'll have an excuse one day lol.

  3. Omg hes *Beautiful*
    Do you know his breed?

    1. It's funny you mentioned that. I don't usually have any problem with breed assignment, but this guy is... complicated. His sculptor's webpage describes him as an Andalusian or Spanish Mustang. His color doesn't work for the former, and honestly, I don't see enough Andalusian type anyway. On the other hand, he seems awfully refined for a Spanish Mustang. And again, color might be an issue...

      See? Complicated!

    2. What about Lusitano? They are closely related to Andalusians, but have more color possibilities:

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing more photos!

    Maybe he could work as an Azteca? Not sure if he's got enough stock influence, but there's a pretty wide variance in AQH which could translate into the Azteca.

  5. Wow, great find! I thought it was a china at first... Gotta love those who take in broken horses.