Friday, August 28, 2015

Wisconsin Model Horse Convention 1980

Because I really do love vintage model horse pictures, here's a second helping of live show awesomeness from Laurel Haig.  These photos were taken at the Wisconsin Model Horse Convention in 1980.

We start with an obligatory shot of the show hall.
This is Laurel's table...
and some of the showers. That's Julie Froelich in the denim jacket and black hat. 
Julie was one of the preeminent hobby artists of the 1980's. 
Although the models pictured in these photos were some of her earlier pieces,
her style...
and meticulous attention to detail... 
are impossible to miss!
This one especially makes my heart go pitter patter. What a beauty! 
Julie's skills were not limited to the creation of models. She was also a talented costume maker...
and doll dresser!
Here's another one of the grey Arab, this time in Western tack. I love that buck stitched saddle! 
The Julie Froelich showcase wraps up with this neat Barbarian entry. Check out that doll's hairy chest! 
Nancy Strowger was another influential artist whose work was represented at this show. 
 Nancy's specialty was finishwork.
In particular, she was known for her very detailed faces and eyes.
Of course no show report is complete without performance photos! 
The particulars of these entries have been lost to time... 
but they're still pretty nifty! 
Thanks again to Laurel for sharing all these wonderful pictures. I've really enjoyed this look back at the history of our hobby!


  1. WOW. I do believe that H-R small Zara and Amir were owned by Cindy Turner at one time. I remember them from photo shows I held in the early 1980s. I sure do wish I knew where they are now. I also remember that dapple grey Strowger PAM, which I believe might have belonged to Elizabeth Bouras at some point. Drool.....

  2. Ooh I love the draft with the big, fluffy feathers!! They are all beautiful. I always like seeing pictures of haired models, especially vintage ones. :D

  3. In your third photo, the person standing to Julie's left, with the other black hat and the leather boots, looks amazingly like Corky Visminas. Corky and her friend Ardith Carlton had addresses in OH in the 80s. They were great customers of mine then, as was Julie.

  4. I'm actually the person standing next to Julie in the third photo. Terri Moore, Long Ships Stables. The lovely grey mare is mine, her name is Fandalcree, and I still have her. Julie did indeed do the r/r/h.

  5. Wow the chestnut Arab is fantastic. What beautiful horses they were. Wonder what he she was called. And where is today.