Monday, April 21, 2014


Between Emma's vet bills and the upcoming car repair, my hobby budget is nonexistent right now.
I swear I wasn't shopping last week when I opened Model Horse $ales Pages and browsed the newest listings. 
I still wasn't shopping when I clicked on the "Contact Vendor" button to see if this custom Breyer foal was still available. 
After all, a horse this cute at a price that low?  Surely he wasn't available anymore, right?
One thing led to another and I accidentally logged onto PayPal.  A few days later, this arrived.
But I swear--I really wasn't shopping!


  1. Haha none of us are ever really shopping!!!!

  2. Sure, You just slipped and hit the pay now button! : )

    Believe me, I've been there so I know how easy it is to "accidentally" shop for horses!
    And it's SO MUCH FUN!

  3. Under stress is when you Most need to do something for yourself!

  4. I'm sure a lot of us do the same! ;)

    Adorable little guy, I love this mold.

  5. I agree with is so much fun!!!...i "meant" to do that...accidently