Thursday, April 3, 2014

Donkeh Waffles

Erin's box contained lots of things I knew about and one thing I didn't.  
Here's the surprise: 
Her name is Donkeh Waffles.
Donkey Waffles is a custom Breyer companion donkey.  Her body color was painted by Simrat Khalsa and her eyes, markings and hooves were painted by Tracy Eilers. 
Although she looks sweet and innocent, Donkeh Waffles has a checkered past.  According to Erin, Tracy was working on her in their hotel room during NAN 2003.  There were a lot of high dollar resins for sale in that room, but every single person who stopped by ignored the sales horses and focused on the donkey.  It was an entire weekend of:  "Hey that's a cute donkey! Is that for sale? I wanna buy that donkey!"  Even after Tracy hid her behind a lamp, people kept trying to buy her.  When it was all said and done, Tracy's NAN sales were limited to just a couple minis and she blamed it all on the Donkeh.
Even after all these years, Tracy continues to hold a grudge.  Erin says that she glares at Donkeh Waffles every time she sees her on Erin's show table.
It's obvious Donkeh Waffles needs a new home, and I am delighted to provide one for her. 
I have been wanting a Tracy model for the longest time, and I am so glad to finally have one.  Donkeh may not be Tracy's favorite, but she's definitely one of mine!


  1. HeHe... I knew that is was a Breyer Donkey of some sort! Beautiful CM......I am in love with this little thing. You are lucky!

  2. She's so pretty! That's so great you could give her a good home. :-)

  3. I want that donkey! Hahaha. Great story. Love the little gal.

  4. That's pretty hilarious! Loved the secretly evil donkey.