Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April foolery

It's that time of year again....
Last year, Ryan and I introduced Rev to Matt the Cowpony's favorite Easter treat.  It did not go well.  Yesterday, James and I decided to see if Mystyc was more receptive.  
She was interested at first... 
but the more she sniffed it... 
the less interested she became. 
James hid it in some hay. 
The Peep went in... 
and the Peep came out. 
Hmmmm.  Mystyc is not a Peep eater. 
We moved on to Sweet Pea.  This time we primed the pump by feeding her a carrot first. 
Mystyc is saying, "Hey!  Why didn't I get a carrot?!"
Then James tried the hay trick.
The Peep went in and the Peep came out.
Sweet Pea is not a Peep eater. 
About this time, Laura came by with her horses, Luna and Soraya so we offered them a fresh Peep. 
Luna said no, but Soraya was interested. 
The Peep went in... 
and the Peep stayed in! 
Finally, we found a Peep eater! 
We offered her another one, but alas, that one did not stay in.  Apparently, Soraya is not a fan after all.
Fortunately, Sadie was more that happy to pick all the discards and take them away.
So, there you have it.  Dogs like Peeps and horses do not.  Matt the Cowpony must be part dog!


  1. Haha my horse won't even eat mints so I think peeps are out!

  2. OMG! A waste of perfectly good PEEPS!!
    : ) : )

    But I can absolutely imagine the way the horses "spit" them out; accompanied by much tongue licking, head bobbing and teeth chomping! : )

  3. Jen DONT FEED YOUR DOGS OR HORSES MARSHMALLOWS! I did research on it after my dog almost died, and its because he ate a marshmallow and it blocked his intestines. Luckily, he was okay after a special diet. It can cause harm to other animals too. However,easter themed mints and sugars are okay for your pony friends.