Sunday, April 6, 2014

Circus Waffles

When I returned to showing in 2006 my main performance horse wasn't a horse at all.  He was a donkey.
I showed Bitesize in the Other and Western Performance divisions for the next couple years.  When he was retired, his tack went into storage... Until today!
I've always loved this circus set-up, but somehow, I never managed to get a photo of it on Bitesize.   
Even though it's eight years old, there's not much I'd change about the tack.  The cheekpieces could be a little shorter, and the buckles don't have rollers.  Other than that, it looks very much like my current work.
I'm so happy to have a new performance donkey in my showstring.  Thanks again, Erin, for sending Donkeh Waffles my way!


  1. Oh my goodness! That set is so adorable! Did you make it yourself?

  2. I made the prop, the dog on the donkey and the tack. The other three dogs came from various hobby/miniature stores. There used to be a red arena fence wit sparkly stars that went all the around the entry, but I wasn't able to find that today. Hopefully, it will resurface before Donkeh Waffles performance debut.

    (BTW--that debut won't be at Springamathing. Erin is judging the performance classes there, and it's not right for her to judge a model she owned so recently.)

    1. That would make sense (not having her perform at Springamathing). You make really good props!!

  3. Donkeh Waffles looks so good in this tack set! I'm sure she'll do amazing!