Friday, April 18, 2014

I get by...

I have the best friends.

As soon as I announced my car-less status on Facebook, I was immediately inundated with offers of rides to the barn.  So today,instead of being stuck at home, I spent the morning with Mystyc...
and my friend, Mary Jo and her horse Scarlett.
The weather was absolutely perfect... 
Can you see the deer?
and both horses were awesome, even during the scary parts!
My hobby friends are just as generous as my barn friends.  Recently, I needed a whole bunch of 1/8" etched buckles for a big order with a tight deadline.  Rio Rondo was sold out, so I posted an SOS on Facebook.  Within days, I had all the buckles I needed for free.
Thanks again, Chloe!  These are your boots!
I really do feel so fortunate to have so many good friends.  Thanks everyone.  Maybe this month won't be so long after all!

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