Monday, April 28, 2014

Live show round-up, part three

The next step on our live show tour is Magnolia, Texas and Lemmonade Live!
Tackmaker, Vicky Norris attended this multi-division show and took lots of pictures.
There's nothing wrong with halter horses...
but Texas is another performance stronghold... 
so most of the pictures I've chosen for this post... 
feature performance horses! 
Breyer's new Latigo mold appears to be the newest OF performance "it" horse.  I'm not sure who owned this one, but it looks like he cleaned up! 
Vicky's Farley was also a big winner, taking the OF Western Performance title with tack by Vicky and Robyn Jalbert (saddle pad) and a doll by Darla Curtis.
He also showed in the English division with a BCS huntseat set. 
Vicky's custom performance horse, Big Valley Casino Gold also had a good show.  Congrats on your wins, Vicky and thanks for letting me share your pictures!
Now it's on the Pacific Northwest and the Wine Country Classic in Pasco, Washington! 
Erin Corbett went to this one.
These are her pictures of the callback table for the Artist Resin breed division. 
I don't know much about most of the critters in these photos... 
except this one is by Tammy Myrold... 
and this one has eyeball veins.
They're all beautiful, but, in the end, these two were the big winners.
Such a beautiful Okie Too.  Can I get this paint on my Rose Reiner?  Pretty please? 
Believe it or not, this is not the end of the April 26 live show tour.  There are still two more shows to come!


  1. Thanks for using my photos in your blog!! I love being able to share from shows! The Latigo belongs to and was shown by Candy Evans. We battled it out for overall OF performance champ the entire division! She won out with 3rds and 4ths as we tied with 1sts and 2nds!!! Exactly the same amount of blues and reds! I try to get as many photos of halter models as performance models, but don't always manage! lol

  2. Shout out to the judges at Lemmonade: That was two days' worth of classes held in a one-day show. I was only an exhibitor and I was so tired on Sunday I pretty much couldn't move. I can't imagine how the people who did all the actual work must have felt.