Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bad news/good news

Seth's car is broken.  

That's not terribly surprising.  It's an old car with a lot of miles.  Fortunately, Seth is a pretty handy.  Most of the time he's able to fix things as they come up.
Except... not this time.  The car needs to go to the mechanic, and the mechanic can't fit it in until May 14.
Yes, you read that right--May 14.  Seth and I will be sharing my car for the next month.  Since he has a regular job and I don't, the car is mostly his, at least during business hours.
So, that's the bad news.  Where's the good?
Lots of time at home means lots of time for finishwork and tack.   Maybe--just maybe--I'll use that time to finish my BHR Loper (remember he's supposed to be a rabicano) and make enough tack to pay for the mechanic's bill.   
Wish me luck--it's going to be a long month!


  1. Oh! When I saw the title "Bad News/Good News" and the picture of the horse, I thought you had maybe purchased something huge and big (and awesome!), but something happened, and you were going to have to sell your Loper! Phew, at least it wasn't that! Anyways, that still sucks about the car, but I agree. Something like having no car, does keep you working.

  2. Lots of time to make tack is rarely bad news. But you might think about a different mechanic.