Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Model horse showing series conclusion

Today's post is the final installment of guest blogger, Lauren Mauldin's model horse showing series.  Without further ado, here's Lauren:

Model Horse Showing VI--Giveaway Winner & Conclusion

by Lauren Mauldin

It's been a fun little journey sharing my obsession with small plastic ponies with y'all, and today's final post I want to share how you can get into the hobby if you found it interesting!  Plus, we've got a fabulous giveaway to draw a winner for... but I'm saving the best for last :)
If You Enjoy Reading More about Model Horses

Check out the following blogs!  These are some of my favorites and cover different aspects of the hobby.

Want to join the hobby?

First, learn as much about it as you can! Try to figure out what areas interest you, and one of the best ways to do that is to check out the hobby forums - Model Horse Blab.  There are tons and tons of hobbyists there that would love to welcome in new people.
Also, you're going to need some model ponies.  While Ebay, breyerhorses.com, and stonehorses.com are major players, you may enjoy a bargain hunt at Model Horse $ales Pages.  They have everything under the sun related to the model horse hobby!

Once you've got your ponies, it's time to show them!  There are two good options for this - photo showing and live showing.  Live showing is in-person shows (and what I've discussed in this blog).  You can visit the North American Model Horse Show Association (NAMHSA) to see a show calendar of what's happening in your region.  For those who don't want to or can't travel, photo showing is a great option.  You take photos of your horse, upload them online, and then they are judged!  Check out the International Model Equine Hobbyists Association (IMEHA) for more info on photo showing.
And Finally, the Giveaway Winner!

The lucky winner out of almost 600 entries gets my pack of Novice/Photo LSQ model horse showing items is...

Carol Tuft!  Congrats Carol :)

Thank you all for reading this series, and I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about my strange addiction.

And thank you, Lauren.  It's been a real pleasure sharing my blog with you.  Hope we can do it again soon!


  1. Thank you Lauren for your Guest Blogs - it was very interesting reading that I hope to put into practice someday.

    Also Congratulations to the giveaway winner Carol!

  2. Thank you, Lauren, for this most interesting and informative series. I could have used something like this way back when I started reading this blog (four years ago, I think?), as I knew next to nothing about model horse showing and bombarded poor Jennifer with a ton of questions. :-) Done a lot of learning by osmosis, too.

    Also, I spy something interesting on top of that bookshelf with your ponies: a stuffed Springer Spaniel! We have quite a collection of those, including that same one, to go with our real live L/W ESS named Sunshine. She's the BEST pup ever and we adore her... Do you have one, too?

  3. Congradulations Miss Tuft! :)

    She's judging the Novice division at my fist live show in March! I can't wait! Maybe I'll see Mon Gamin there, haha.

    Anyways, thank you very much for this awesome little series, Lauren! It really helped me get even more prepared for my first show. I also learned a lot! Thanks again!