Sunday, December 21, 2014


Nearly ten years ago, I asked my friend, Heather Downing, to make a show-ring style Arabian costume for my customized Eden resin.  She created a lovely green and brown set, that fit around Eden's gigantic mane and forelock and flattered her dull brown coat.  I loved the costume, but unfortunately, I never really warmed up to Eden herself.  Eventually, I sold her and the costume went into a box.
This was a waste of a perfectly good costume, so earlier this year, I pulled it out and tried it on a few horses.  It looked great on Rune, but I couldn't help but think it was missing something...
 Yep, that's what it needed!
I asked Anne Field to create an over the top Hollywood style Arabian doll and she delivered big time.  This girl has so many neat details--earrings,
jeweled boots... the list just goes on and on!
She matches the costume perfectly, both in color and style.
And like all my other Massachusetts dolls, she's a little bit rowdy.
I am so pleased with my old/new Arabian costume.  I can't wait to get this back in the show ring. 
Thank you so much, I may be biased, but I think your eight hundredth doll is your best one yet!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy hobbidays

Most of my interactions with other hobbyists happen online.  That's par for the course in this day and age, and not entirely a bad thing for an introvert like myself.  

Still, words on a screen can never replace actual human interaction, so I was really happy to host a little "hobby day" with my friend, Teresa, yesterday.
Teresa brought her brand new Croi Damhsa.   
This was my first time seeing her in person, and I wasn't disappointed.
This is an outstanding sculpture...
filled with detail and personality.
She's a nice big girl, too.  Pony sized, but big pony sized.   
Of course, we tried on some tack.  Snickers' halter is a touch too big...
as is this medium traditional scale BCS saddle. 
Here she is again with an old (2005) traditional scale pony saddle.  Much better!
Teresa also brought some of her sales items... 
Arab Costume by Jennifer Wilson of Jennifer's Imagination - fits PSA, has helped NAN Q'd horses, missing some small decorations, comes with documentation, $150PPD
Shown on Saba, not for sale
including this awesome Native American set. 
Sioux Indian Warrior Costume by Lynda Gillette - fits ISHs, LPs and others of that size. Rider a bit "sticky" in the hip, can be made to ride. Comes with everything shown plus some feathers to put in the mane/tail. Documentation included. $400 PPD
Shown on OOAK Stone ISH - flea bit grey stallion with minor customization. Made in 2012. LSQ, current NAN cards in halter and collectiblity. $200 + postage

Will somebody please buy this so I won't be tempted?
Please contact Teresa ( for more information about her sales items!
 Thanks for playing ponies with me, Teresa.
That was so much more fun than chatting over Facebook!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas horses

Speaking of decorated horses...
Yesterday was the Christmas picture day at the barn.  I was the photographer, but I also posed for the camera with my two favorite boys.
As usual, Santana was a superstar. 
Bob wasn't nearly as cooperative... 
but eventually my efforts were rewarded.
I also got nice pictures of Sprite
Doodle (with Claire)... 
and Toby (with Kristina). 
As much as I like the posed portraits...
I'm just as pleased with the candids.
A good time was had by all... 
except, maybe, Toby... 
who once again got stuck with the socks
Poor Toby! 
What a fun day!  Merry Christmas to all my horsey friends!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Almost wordless Wednesday

I took a lot of photos at last Saturday's Christmas Carriage Parade, most of which fell into two broad categories: harness reference and decorated horses.  This post contains some of each, plus a bonus dog.  Enjoy!