Saturday, July 4, 2020

BF shopping guide: Hannah Mahardy

Today's first featured BreyerFest seller is Hannah Mahardy of Burning Embers Studio.
Hannah has been collecting horse-shaped-objects since she received a My Little Pony for her second birthday. She discovered the hobby and performance showing in 2015 and credits a 'Stupid Halter' post on the this blog for drawing her in. She began making tack for Schleichs, then moved to Stablemate scale. Burning Embers Studio was created in 2016, and strives to create quality mini-scale tack for the purpose of performance showing. 
Hannah's BreyerFest offerings include a wide variety of Stablemate scale (1:32) tack items including stable halters, foal halters, sport/jumping boots, a draft presentation set, an upper-level dressage set, a Western pleasure set, a draft working harness and a blanket and halter set. She will also have two customized stable warmbloods. One is a repaint only, the other has a new tail.
 Most items fall in the $50 and under price range, with a few being a little higher. 
Similarly, most items are fixed price, first come/first serve, but Hanna will be accepting offers on some pieces.
The Burning Embers Studio BreyerFest sale starts July 6 at 2 PM EDT, and runs through July 13. To access the sale, please visit Hannah's Model Horse Place store.
Thank you, Hannah. I am so glad you stumbled across the Braymere blog all those years ago. Your tack is gorgeous, and I hope you have a fantastic BreyerFest!

Friday, July 3, 2020

BF shopping guide: Kathy Wood

The next featured BreyerFest seller is Kathy Wood of Timber Trails Tack Creations.
Like most of us, Kathy grew up loving horses. She writes:  Since I was a little girl, I have loved horses. My mom accused me of having "horse radar" since I could spot a horse a mile away while traveling in the car. Unfortunately, I haven't have many opportunities to ride or be around horses. My mom did, however, give me the chance to attend Girl Scout horse camp twice. The unit where us horse girls camped was called Timber Trails. I thought it a very fitting name for my studio since these were the only times when I had real contact with horses, learning to take care of them and ride.  
My mom also taught me to sew and I found the creative process of taking a piece of fabric and turning it into something useful to be very fulfilling.  When I decided to combine these two loves, I have found it to be very rewarding.  I hope to continue expanding the variety of items that I can offer.
Kathy's BreyerFest offerings are a mix of stable blankets...
and saddle blankets. 
Sales are first come first serve, and prices range from $5 to $50. 
As an added bonus, customer who spent $100 or more between July 9-11 will receive a free English Saddle Pad in their choice of color or $10 off a cross-stitched Western saddle pad.
Kathy's BreyerFest sales items are currently listed on Model Horse Sales Pages. To see them, type "Kathy Wood" into the search box. Thank you, Kathy, for allowing me to share your BreyerFest preview, and good luck at BreyerFest!

BF shopping guide: Anne Field

Today's first featured BreyerFest seller is Anne Field of Field of Dolls Studio.
In addition to being one of my favorite people, Anne is also one of the hobby's premier doll makers.
Anne started sewing when she was five, and has been making dolls for the model horse hobby since 2006.
Since then, she has created nearly fourteen hundred dolls.
She will be selling thirty two of them during her BreyerFest Live Sale.
But that's not all! She will also be selling doll accessories, including cross country kits, 
and more chaps! 
Other offerings include saddle blankets,
 and "saddlebag stuff." Anne does not take orders for her saddlebags or saddlebag stuff. If you want a set, you need to attend her live sale.
The sale is happening Sunday July 5th 2:00pm EDT on the Field of Dolls Studio Facebook page. All items are offered first come first serve, and prices range from $15 to $225. Anne's live sales are a lot of fun. I will definitely be tuning in and hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 2, 2020

BF Shopping guide: Layla Bakhtiari

Today's featured BreyerFest seller is Layla Bakhtiari of Quantum Horse Ranch Studios.
Layla writes: I have always loved horses and started painting Breyers in 2007. Flash is my favorite Breyer mold. I primarily collect Artist Resins and customs as I love the variety in style among other artists' works. I have been inspired by a variety of hobbyists over the years and am now branching out by offering my own original medallion.
Layla's BreyerFest sale starts Thursday July 9th at 1 pm CST and runs through Sunday. All horses will be listed in a sales album on Facebook, and cross-posted on her website. Sales are first come/first serve.
Offerings include custom Breyers, painted micro minis and her brand new Fjord medallion, "Frey."  Prices range from $25 to $210, with most items falling in the under $100 range. Domestic shipping is free. Due to the current shipping climate, she is not conducting international sales at this time.
Thank you, Layla, for allowing me to share your BreyerFest preview. Your horses are awesome!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Braymere's BreyerFest shopping guide

Well, we made it to July, and that means BreyerFest is just around the corner!
Like just about everything else this year, BreyerFest is going virtual. All the contests, shows, workshops and performances will be happening online. Sales, too, both officially through the Breyer site and unofficially on a multitude of artist platforms.
I am excited but also a little overwhelmed. With so much going on, I am worried I will somehow miss the most important events.
Because, you know, if I don't get one of these little guys, I really will die.
In order to make things a little less confusing, I'd like to feature some of artist offerings here on my blog. If you would like to be included, please send me the following information either via email ( or Facebook Messenger:
  • Your Name
  • Your Studio/Business Name
  • Description and photos of what you're selling
  • Price range: $50 and under, $51-100, $101-500, $501-$1000, $1001 and up (multiple price ranges okay)
  • Sales type (First come/first serve, auction, offers, etc)
  • Specific Days/Times Your sale runs 
  • Link to sale site
  • Information about yourself and your art (optional but makes for a better post)
Also, please let me know what day you would like your preview post to run. Thanks in advance. I can't wait to see - and buy! - your pretties!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June horses

The corona virus has kept me close to home, but fortunately, it's no longer keeping me out of the saddle. 
Thanks to Stealth...
and the world's best barn buddies, this has been a good month of riding.
The river bottom has been mostly impassable due to downed trees and swampy mud, so our rides have expanded outward. 
Riding around the edge of this big pasture adds about a mile to our regular loop. 
It also gives us a nice mountain view from the top of this rise. 
Heading out the other way, there's an old section of trail that's just reopened after seven years of reforestation.
Nicknamed "The Rollercoaster," this narrow trail goes up...
and down... 
 and up... 
and down.
I'd only ridden this trail once before it closed. That was on Rev, who cantered sideways almost the entire way.
This time I did it on Stealth mostly at a walk. It was a lot more enjoyable. 
Since so many people are still out of work, we often cross paths with cyclists, runners and walkers. 
Other trail sighting include jets... 
and deer.
The deer are out in force right now. We see them on almost every ride.
This sweet girl is called Tripod. She broke a hind leg several years ago, and we thought she was a goner, but no. 
She's still here, and she seems to be thriving.
Most of our deer are mule deer, but we have a few white tails, too. 
I like this one. She's the same color as Darcy! 
Less welcome are the bugs. The trails are buzzing with insects so I've amassed a nice collection of head shake photos. This is Lucy.
And this is Stealth. 
On a sadder note, we said goodbye to one of Kenlyn's elder statesmen this month.
Less than a week later, Mi Rizon's owner, Greg, broke his leg in a freak trail accident. I thought that might be the last we saw of him, but horse people are tough. Greg has found a new way to enjoy his time at the barn!
This is 2020 and there's no telling what next month will bring, but I am hoping for more good riding days to carry me through.