Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Nine days in nine pictures

It's been nine days since my last post. I spent most of that time at BreyerFest.
NaMoPaiMo had a booth in the Artisan's Gallery.
photo by Kristian Beverly
I received a most amazing gift...
photo by Kaitlin Lewington
and tacked up a most amazing circus horse. 
I rode an Arabian sidesaddle... 
and judged a kids show with entries that would have been competitive in the Open Show. 
I watched an exciting moment in hobby history...
and got a kiss from one of my heroes.
photo by Fabian Rodriguez
Most importantly, I spent a lot of quality time with some of my favorite people.
What a great week! I can't wait to do it again!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Today we ride

Tomorrow we leave at dawn, so today we rode.
James had not ridden with me in several years, but he decided to go, too, which made me really, really, really happy.
Since it's her last day here, Lilie got to choose the route. She wanted water crossings so we did the Sports Park loop...
which crosses the river twice. 
James rode Chino and it was good to see them together again.
I always felt like these two had a special connection, and today only reinforced that belief. Chino's owner says James is welcome to ride him "whenever." I hope he will. 
Lilie rode Santana, and now she knows why he is my "favorite person." 
He was absolutely perfect for her.
I rode Thunder and he was his usual amazing unicorn self.
I am so grateful for today and these three good horses.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Barn dog

Lilie and I went to the barn tonight, and we decided to take Darcy.
It's been several years since Darcy went to Kenlyn. 
There are reasons. 
 We walked around the property and said hi to all our favorite horses.
Then Lilie caught and groomed Coco.
Darcy tried to be good...
but there was a lot of barking. 
In fact, there was so much barking, we finally decided to take Darcy in the ring and give her something else to do.
 Woo hoo!
Darcy is not a good barn dog, but she's really good at jumping and posing.
Lilie says we should take Emma to the barn tomorrow. I'm not sure that we're going to have time, but maybe...


My niece, Lilie, has been here for ten days, and it's been a really good visit.
She is a great kid and fits right in with this branch of the Buxton family.
Life is good except for this one little issue: I leave for BreyerFest on Tuesday, and I am completely and laughably unprepared.
Stolen from Erin Corbett
Today, I really wanted to go to Manitou Springs with the rest of my family. Instead I stayed home to pack.
I packed the NaMoPaiMo herd...
and the NaMoPaiMo medallions.
This gorgeous Frida by Tiffany Purdy will be for sale at the NaMoPaiMo table in the Artisan's Gallery.
I'll also have a lot of other things for sale, including NaMoPaiMo stickers,
1:9 scale NaMoPaiMo gift bags,
full scale NaMoPaiMo tote bags (dog not included)...
and NaMoPaiMo t-shirts.
I also packed some other non-NaMo items, including the five pound gummy bear I won at Candyland Live and my-love-it-or-hate-it Hands Horse.
Hawkward is going back to Tiffany to be branded, and the tack repair kit is for Kylee's secret project.
I made a quick Target run for food and other provisions.
There's still a million things I need to do, but at least I'm a lot closer now. Hurry up and come home, family! I'm tired of packing. I want to be part of the fun again!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Horsing around

Lilie spent most of last week riding Coco...
and Thunder.
Yesterday, we decided to mix it up a little.
Longtime readers will remember my sweet Quarter Horse buddy, Chino
This was one of my regular rides a few years back. He left Kenlyn in 2017, but returned to his original owner last year. She graciously offered to let me borrow him for Lilie, and it made my heart so happy to have him out on the trail with me again.
He was absolutely perfect for Lilie on the first half of the ride.
Then he got hungry, and I had some flashbacks to the infamous ride when all he did was eat.
That was a little frustrating for all involved, but on the whole, I think this ride was a success.
Today, she rode Coco in the ring.
After she was done, Sarah asked her if she would like to ride Olympia.
 Of course she said yes.
Then Sarah called her into the ring and asked her if she would like to canter. Lilie was a little nervous, but she decided to give it a shot.
Look at them go!
Happy smiles all around!
This has been such a fun week! I don't know if I'm really going to return Lilie to her parents on Tuesday. I think I might just keep her instead!