Thursday, May 21, 2015

Models from the mountains

I'm back in Colorado, but as Seth says, re-entry is difficult. I've been so busy playing catch-up, it's taken me two full days to unpack and photograph my souvenirs from Models in the Mountains.
This Musetta resin was sculpted by Deb McDermott, who also donated her to the event. I received her as payment for promoting and judging the show. I told Corina that wasn't necessary, but I didn't argue when she insisted. After all, who wouldn't want a Musetta?
This mare is absolutely beautiful. I am delighted to add her to my collection.
The three small models are leftover show prizes.
Like Musetta, they were sculpted by Deb McDermott. However, these are not resins. They are "toy" models produced by CollectA.
I don't usually collect anything in this scale, but these ponies were impossible to resist. Such wonderful sculptures! Oh, how I wish the Dartmoor was traditional scale. I would have a entire herd of him.
I also brought home some of Corina's extra topiary arrangements. 
Like the CollectA's, these were supposed to be prizes for the show. Since entries were light, most of them went unclaimed. Although I would have liked to see a better turnout, I was happy to re-home some of the leftovers.
My final souvenir is a piece of the mountain itself. After all, Models in the Mountains was at least as much about the mountains as it was the models.  
I am pleased to have so many reminders of my wonderful weekend in the mountains. Thanks again to Corina Roberts for hosting this event and also to Deb McDermott for donating that lovely Musetta.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Models in the Mountains recap

I am still in California and haven't had a chance to edit my pictures from this weekend's Models in the Mountains. Usually no photos means no post, but fortunately, the event hostess, Corina Roberts, is an exceptional photographer. She has graciously provided me with enough photos to fill a dozen posts, including this one. Thanks, Corina!
Models in the Mountains was held at the Chilao school in the Angeles National Forest. To call the location remote would be an understatement. The school is twenty six long, winding, foggy mountain miles away from the nearest town. There is no cell phone service and no wifi. 
Because entrants were coming from as far away as San Diego, the show didn't start until noon. While we were waiting, we walked out to some of the outside photography tables...
and took pictures. I just love this one of Snickers! 
The surroundings were beautiful, and I could have happily spent the day outside. Eventually, however, I did have to go in and judge the show.
Since there were only twenty three classes, I had plenty of time to explain my placings.
Although this was not a NAN qualifying show, the competition was fierce. Here's a look at some of the entries in the original finish foal class.
Rosettes for the champions! This show had great prizes. All the first place winners received a CollectA model with their blue ribbons. 
When weren't showing, there was a lot of show and tell. I brought a basic tack making kit, Sue Sifton had three unpainted resins, Barrie Getz prepped and pastelled a couple ponies... 
and Cheryl Campbell wowed us with her laser cut barns, harnesses and mini tack.
After the show was over, we locked the doors and hiked up to the top of a mountain. I'm not sure what I'm doing here. Celebrating perhaps? This just might have been my favorite part of the entire weekend.
Sunday was performance day.
There weren't many entries in most of the classes...
the harness class was crazy! 
Almost before I knew it, the weekend was over, and it was time to drive back down the mountain.
There's still a lot more to share, but that's enough for now. This was a really great weekend. Thanks again to Corina for making it happen!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

So. Much. Fun.

Also so much tired, but in the best kind of way.
Jennifer Buxton, Sue Sifton, Barrie Getz, Corina Roberts & Cheryl Campbell
More soon!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mountains, models

When most people think of Los Angeles Country, they picture beaches,
and movie stars. 
Not me! I think of mountains. 
My parents live at the base of Mount Wilson, less than a block from the entrance to Eaton Canyon. 
I usually hike up to the falls when I'm home, but today I decided to climb the Mount Wilson Toll Road instead.
 This trail is a long, steep fire road that eventually leads to the top of Mt. Wilson.
The grade is a pretty consistent ten percent, so it didn't take long to see some awesome views of both the city...

and the mountains. 
 That's my parents' street down there. Try as I might, I couldn't pick out their house. Too many trees!
A more prominent landmark is the site of the former Eaton Canyon Riding Club.
Sigh. So many of my best childhood memories happened on that piece of land! 
I walked until the FitBit register one hundred floors. 
Then I walked a little more, rested a bit and headed home. 
I've also spent a lot of my day preparing for tomorrow's Models in the Mountains event.
I've gone through the California herd, deciding who to sell...
and who to keep!
It's been a great trip so far, and I think the best is yet to come. I am really looking forward to tomorrow and Models in the Mountains!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Post weekend show report

Since I'm travelling today, this post is an "almost wordless" style show report from tackmaker, Maddy Hinman of Lazy H Custom Tack. She writes: These photos were taken at Models in the Sunshine (MIT), which is a super fun show hosted by Jackie Moore and Cindy Dilks in Ocala, Florida. I especially enjoyed meeting fellow tackmakers, Emma Van Riper, Becky McCorkendale and Rachel Fail. Hope you enjoy the performance photos! Thanks so much for sharing, Maddy. I enjoyed the pictures very much!
Peek-A Boo I See You customized and painted by Tiffiny Purdy, owned by Karen Holland
Maddy prepping her in hand trail entry
Other Performance Reserve Champ owned by Rachel Fail, tack by Rachel and Breyer
Shotgun Rider owned by Madelyne Hinman, tack by Niki Hertzog, cow painted by Lazy H Custom Tack
Entry and tack by Rachel Fail
Saddle by Rachel Fail
Light My Fire owned by Mike Owens
Raj owned by Jil Aman, costume by Jil Aman
Lady Hawk owned by Carol Owens
Other Performance entry by Jennifer Arsuaga.
Mini food!
Ticket To Heven painted by Shana Bobbit, tack by Rachel Fail, owned by Rachel Fail
Greyfeld owned by Mike Owens, tack by Galxey Sparrow Studios
entry owned by Jessica Mashburn, tack by Rachel Fail.
Black Lee owned by Susan Parker, tack by Braymere Custom Saddlery (I think!)
Entry owned by Susan Parker, tack by Evelyn Munday
Entry by Emma Van Riper
Sun Daze painted by Lisa Bickford, saddle by Lazy H. owned by Madelyne Hinman/Lazy H Custom Tack
The next generation of tackmakers: Becky McCorkendale of Flying B Miniture Tack, Grace Caffera, Jewel Evans, Madelyne Hinman of Lazy H. Custom Tack & Emma Van Riper of Home Stretch Studios