Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Like the shark in Jaws

Recently, I've been suffering from a serious case of hobby ennui. 

Earlier today, I told Erin that I felt like I would be happy to never write another blog post again. "You can't quit," she told me firmly, then added, "Do you want me to write a quickie post for you about prepping for BF?" 

Of course I said yes, so here it is. Thank you, Erin, for saving this blog. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Like the Shark in Jaws

by Erin Corbett

Breyerfest. IT'S COMING.

If you have noticed some of your friends becoming a little jumpy, maybe a little sleep-deprived, and definitely counting the days until July 19th, don't fret! They don't think the world is ending in 117 days... that day marks this year's Breyerfest Live Show. It's way harder to win at BF Live than it is to win a gold cookie at NAN. For some, this show is the be-all, end-all of model horse shows. They spend all year planning, obsessing, laying awake thinking about their entries. 

I am one of these crazy few!

Planning for Breyerfest Live starts 1-2 years in advance, especially if you are showing performance. I usually have each year's setups confirmed about a year ahead of the actual show date, down to which horses that don't exist yet need to still be commissioned (begged for) from friends.
An in progress picture of Erin's Purdy performance horse
We are nearing the end of March... if you haven't at least started a spreadsheet, it's too late now!!
Erin's 2015 Breyerfest spreadsheat with details blurred out to preserve the element of surprise! The red areas indicate tack changes.
All that said, there's nothing like extreme adversity (9 performance horses and 23 tack changes) to bring a group together. Join us! The few, the stressed, the tired, the crazy. The Breyerfest Live Exhibitors.
117 days.

Bring coffee.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekend show report

Today's weekend show report is a two-fer. Yesterday, Texas hobbyist, Gin McDaniel, attended the 2015 edition of Charlotte's Saddlery Breyer Show which was held in conjunction with the venerable Pin Oak Charity Horse Show. Here's a quick look at both shows!

Charlotte's Saddlery Breyer Show

by Gin McDaniel

For many years our local tack store, Charlotte's Saddlery, has held a Breyer show, not a NAN qualifying show just a fun show. This year they were invited to participate in the 70th anniversary of the Pin Oak Charity Horse show in Katy, Texas.  The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show has events not just for Hunters and Jumpers but Saddlebreds, Andalusians and Lusitanos. All the proceeds go to children's charities, such as Ronald MacDonald House and Texas Childrens Hospital.
The model show's class list a little different than most.  The classes are divided by age: 5-10, 10-15, and 15 and older, both in performance and halter.
Ashley's first live show!
This is the view from the show hall overlooking the main arena. The horse show began at 8 am with Andalusion and Lusitano Dressage Suitability.
The first class in the model horse show was OF Thoroughbreds.
Later: A/O Show Hack with the Saddlebreds...
and a class just for shiny Ponies!
Conga, conga conga!
 Meanwhile in the main arena, the riders have just finished walking the course!
Performance time! 
Working Equitation had its on class because the real show included the Working Equitation, sadly in a different ring.

Alborozo was the adult performance champion.
At lunch time we were visited by Hamlet and Novelisto D.
Then it was back to showing with Jumpers in the big ring...
and Youth (10-15) performance entries.
This mule was the overall performance winner.
One of the cutest entries of the day was this Easter Themed Harness entry. Thankfully, I took the picture before they ate the eggs!
The local media covered both the real and model shows. The footage can be seen here.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Flower power

In addition to being one of the smartest, funniest and most talented people I know, Tiffany is also an amazingly kind and generous friend. She is always willing to provide a shoulder for me to cry on, and when the going gets really rough, she sends flowers. This beautiful arrangement in the midst of last August's rough patch.
A few days later, I won Tabletop Studios' Customer Appreciation Raffle. The prize was a custom pair of planters with my choice of flowers.
Naturally, I asked for "Tiffany flowers." 
The planters arrived Monday, and they are incredible. 
No one in the model horse hobby does flowers like Kim and Kathi Haymond. No one. 
As an added bonus, they also sent a perfect miniature version of the original Tiffany arrangement.
I love this so much. I don't know how I'm going to fit it into a live show performance entry, but believe me, it's going to happen.
Thanks so much to Kim, Kathi and Tiffany. Your talent and generosity is truly inspiring.

Friday, March 20, 2015

New times two

Yesterday evening, Devosion+ gave birth to a tall filly by Kenlyn Psyclone.
About an hour later, Kenyln Destiny+ delivered her first foal, a black colt by Sundance Kid V.
Due to a homework crisis, the Buxton family missed both births. However, we did arrive in time to help dry off Destiny's little colt. 
This is right before he took his first steps. 
Seth didn't pile into the stall with the rest of us, so he got to hold the enema. 
 Today both babies moved to the outside pens.
Devosion's filly was very curious. She looked at the puddles... 
and peered around the corners.
Once they were settled, Destiny and her foal made their appearance. 
He's pretty cute, too! 
Glamour shot. 
Although the filly looks a lot "blacker" than the colt, she's expected to turn grey.
This little guy, on the other hand, will eventually be jet black.
There are still three mares left to foal, with two due this weekend. Maybe if we're lucky, we'll have another two-fer!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Like so many horse crazy girls of the 1970's, I spent a lot of time obsessing over the Breyer section in the annual Sears Wish Book catalog. Every year I went through and circled the horses I wanted most. Sometimes, I even got them. 
1976 Sears catalog, scan provided by Sande Schneider
Unfortunately, the saddles were a different story. No matter now many times I circled them, they never found their way to my house.
1977 Sears catalog, scan provided by Sande Schneider
Eventually, of course, I learned how to make my own saddles. Now my tack box overflows with beautiful, handmade pieces by myself and others. Still, you never quite forget your first love, and part of my will always yearn for that old Breyer saddle.
Photo by Mindy Binkley
This explains why I was so pleased when longtime hobbyist, Mindy Binkley, posted these photos of her vintage 1970's Appaloosa Yearling and Western Saddle on Model Horse Blab.
Photo be Mindy Binkley
In the same thread, Jennifer Floyd added pictures of her own nearly identical saddle.
Photo by Jennifer Floyd
Having never actually seen one of these saddles in person, I really enjoyed the different angles and close-up views. Oh, how I would have loved to have had this for my carpet herd!
Photo by Jennifer Floyd
Model horse tack has come a long way in the last forty years. I'm sure some of my younger readers will be completely nonplussed by this saddle. However, I still think it's beautiful. Thanks for Mindy, Jennifer and Sande for allowing me to share their pictures!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Mane Event, part three

The Mane Event at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo was a celebration of equine diversity.  After the Arabians, we were treated to a dressage exhibition by a Lipizzan stallion.
The Icelandic ponies were next.
They performed as a group, with and without their beverages and canine passenger.
The flash of orange on their feet was provided by duct tape applied to bell boots...
and hooves.
We watched vaulters,
a Western dressage and reining combo...
and a bridleless Mustang demonstration.
That was followed by a mock battle between a knight and a dragon.
There was a princess involved somehow...
but I was too busy checking out the dragon's tack to pay any attention to her.
So cool!
The next act was proceeded by a cloud of blue smoke.
As it dissipated, a quartet of Fjords emerged.
They were performing the Spanish Walk...
 and were dressed as characters from the movie, Frozen.
Spanish walking Fjords are on my short list of favorite things.  I could have watched these little guys all night!
The last act was another dressage based performance, this time with an Andalusian.
This was a really fun night of entertainment for both casual and truly obsessed horse fans. James and I were glad we went!