Sunday, February 7, 2016

Barn blues

My dad was a weekend woodworker who created beautiful pieces of furniture in his garage workshop.
That careful craftsmanship and painstaking attention detail carried over into all his home improvement projects. I remember watching him paint a bedroom. It took forever. When it was done, it was perfect. But still, it took forever.

Not too long after that, I visited my best friend and was shocked to discover her bedroom walls sporting a new color. I remarked on the change, and she told me that she and her mom had painted the room that morning. I couldn't believe my ears. They had painted the entire room in less than one day.

Of course, they hadn't done all the sanding and filling and prep work that my dad had done. Instead, they'd simply bought some paint and put it on the walls. It wasn't perfect--not by a long shot--but it was done.

When I started painting this barn, I promised myself that this wouldn't become a major ordeal. 
I lied. 
As much as I want to be Sarah and her mom, I'm really just like my dad. 
This looks okay...
but I won't be happy until it's a whole lot closer to perfect.
I'll probably still be painting this barn in April, but hey, it's going to be awesome someday!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Three million

Earlier today, this blog received its three millionth pageview.
At that point, entries for the countdown raffle were closed. I tallied the qualified comments (three hundred and seventy eight) and used a random number generator to pick the winner. 

Congratulations go to...

Reflecting Stars! 
Photo by Reflecting Stars
Reflecting Stars just missed winning Top Ten honors in last year's BCS Winter Photo Challenge
Photo by Reflecting Stars
Because of that, I am delighted with the random number generator's pick, especially since it gives me an opportunity to re-share some of her amazing photos!
Reflecting Stars
I'm also offering an additional prize to X Man. No one tried harder to win this raffle, and I've really enjoyed reading all of his/her thoughtful comments on so many of my older posts.
Photo by Reflecting Stars
Congratulations to both the winners, and thank you to everyone who makes the Braymere blog a part of their day. On to four million!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

United in orange

I am not really a football fan, but Denver is a football town. It's hard not to get excited when the Broncos are playing in the Super Bowl. Today we had a "United in Orange" party at the barn.
All of the horses were very interested... 
in what the other horses were wearing. 
Edie and Sprite. 
Kelly and Gunner. 
Kristina and Toby. 
Mandi and Malik. 
Mary Jo and Scarlett. 
Susan and Casper. 
Tam and Missy.
Theresa and Xavier. 
Xavier won the best dressed award, although Malik made it a close race with his mane extensions. 
I posed with Santana. 
Between takes, he chilled by himself. 
I love this horse so much! 
This was the best football party ever.  
We didn't even have to watch a game!
Go Broncos!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Barn rasing

My big barn is a fixer upper, and I have spent the last two days fixing it. Yesterday was all about dis-assembly and repair.
I glued joints... 
and filled and sanded imperfections. 
Today, I painted.
Why oh why did I think this was a one day project?! 
Oh well, there's more snow in the forecast. Maybe I'll finish it tomorrow...

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Danielle and Janna's barns

I'm not the only hobbyist with a passion for little barns. 

Ever since I posted photos of my two new barns, my Facebook feed has been filled with model barn talk. Several of these posts have included a #blameJennifer hashtag, which is fine by me. I love this side of the hobby, and I am delighted to inspire other collectors to create their own 1:9 scale worlds. 

That said, I really can't claim any credit. Little barns are not a new phenomenon. In fact, I suspect they've been a part of the hobby as long as there's been a hobby. 

What is new, at least for me, is the realization that readily available, mass produced barns can be amazing. I've wanted a nice model barn for years, but I always assumed it would have to be a custom job. I didn't think toy barns would be big or realistic enough to meet my standards.

Then I saw Danielle Hart's barns.
I was blown away when I saw these photos. Her barns looked so realistic I assumed they were custom made.
Imagine my surprise when Danielle told me that they were actually Breyer barns that she'd bought second hand and refurbished.
"I could do that," I thought.
A couple months later, Janna Shepherd posted photos of her new model barns on Facebook.
Again, I thought they were custom made. Again, I was wrong. Both of these barns are available on Amazon.
It was at this point that "I could do that" turned into "I will do that." I began looking for used barns on craiglist, and the rest is history.

Thanks so much to Danielle and Janna for the inspiration. I hope people will continue to tag me on their model barn Facebook posts, but perhaps the #blameJennifer hashtag should be changed to one that says #creditDanielleandJanna?

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Before the storm

There's snow in the forecast. 

If the weatherman is to be believed, it's going to start snowing tomorrow and will keep snowing until Tuesday. Accumulation predictions range from eight inches to more than a foot, with fifty mile per hour winds producing blizzard like conditions.

But... that's still a day away. 

Today was a warm and sunny sixty four degrees--perfect riding weather. Mary Jo, Karen and I met at the barn for  one last ride before the storm.
 It was...
absolutely beautiful out there...
and the trails were crowded with like minded riders. 
Sigh. Why can't it be spring?
After my ride, I walked the dog,
put gas in the car,
I can not remember the last time I paid $1.05 for gas!
and went to the grocery store. 
I think half of Colorado was at the grocery store with me. Those were some seriously long lines! 
The last stop was the hardware store for some barn beautification items.
Now that I am officially ready for that storm we'll probably end up with two inches. And, you know, that would be okay with me!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Model model horse show

I am a long time fan of Kim Jacobs' work, particularly her historical costume and packing sets. Recently, she listed one of those sets on MH$P, and I was unable to resist. 
Kim calls this a "Donkey Packing Set for a Live Shower." 
That's a model live shower, mind you. Inside the donkey's packs are everything you would need to attend a model live show.
There's a tablecloth, a lap top, pencils, NAN cards, ribbons, documentation sheets, a big binder full of live show records...
and a fast food lunch. 
Mostly, however, there are horses. 
Oh, so many horses! and each with its own tiny pony pouch. 
 Scene class entry, perhaps?
And I'm pretty sure this is what my table looks like at the end of every show, minus the Coke swilling donkey, of course! 
Thank you so much, Kim. I love everything!