Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another MH$P accident

Although I bought my first resin in 1999, it was the second resin--an Ann Harris Bubba--who truly turned me into a resin collector.  Here's Jolly Roger's story.
The year was 2003 and my life was on the upswing.  We'd recently moved into our current home, Seth had a new, better paying job, and I was doing a brisk business selling all sorts of small tack items.  There was a little bit of money burning a hole in my pocket, so I indulged myself in that most dangerous of past times and logged onto Model Horse $ales Pages.
Up popped an ad for familiar looking spotted pony.  I clicked on the link, and sure enough, I did know the pony in question.  He belonged to a local shower, and I'd admired him in person on numerous occasions.  The price was surprisingly low--more than the balance of my PayPal account, but not by much.  

"Hmmmm," I thought to myself.  "I can almost afford that pony.  I wonder if she'd consider time payments."  

I clicked the "Contact Vendor" button and made an inquiry.  I didn't expect anything to come of it, but there's no harm in asking, right?
The seller responded almost immediately.  She presented me with a complete--and very affordable--payment plan.  She didn't ask if I was a serious buyer.  Instead, she just seemed to assume that I had made a firm commitment.

My first reaction was, "That's kind of presumptuous."  

My second reaction was, "I can't afford resins."

Then, I read the email again and realized that I could, in fact, afford this resin.  I logged into PayPal and made my first payment before I had a chance to change my mind.
And just like that, I accidentally became a resin collector.

Monday, April 21, 2014


Between Emma's vet bills and the upcoming car repair, my hobby budget is nonexistent right now.
I swear I wasn't shopping last week when I opened Model Horse $ales Pages and browsed the newest listings. 
I still wasn't shopping when I clicked on the "Contact Vendor" button to see if this custom Breyer foal was still available. 
After all, a horse this cute at a price that low?  Surely he wasn't available anymore, right?
One thing led to another and I accidentally logged onto PayPal.  A few days later, this arrived.
But I swear--I really wasn't shopping!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Peepster, part three

If you're not up to creating your own mini scale Easter treats, never fear! 
These "Iddy Biddy Bunnies" from Russell Stover are just the right size for traditional scale models.
They're also the perfect size for rats. 
Although Jellybean prefers candy corns, she was willing to give the bunnies a try.
Nom! Nom! 
Nom! Nom! Nom! 
 Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Peepster, part two

Matt and Stellina aside, most real horses do not like Peeps.  

But what about model horses?  Today we decided to find out.
"Sniff, sniff, sniff..." 
"No thanks, I'll pass." 
"Ewww, get that scary pink bunny away from me!!!" 
It was beginning to look hopeless until... 
Yay!  We finally found someone who likes Peeps so much she'll actually chase you down to get them!
Hurray for Donkeh Waffles, Peep eater extraordinaire!

Happy Peepster!

Friday, April 18, 2014

I get by...

I have the best friends.

As soon as I announced my car-less status on Facebook, I was immediately inundated with offers of rides to the barn.  So today,instead of being stuck at home, I spent the morning with Mystyc...
and my friend, Mary Jo and her horse Scarlett.
The weather was absolutely perfect... 
Can you see the deer?
and both horses were awesome, even during the scary parts!
My hobby friends are just as generous as my barn friends.  Recently, I needed a whole bunch of 1/8" etched buckles for a big order with a tight deadline.  Rio Rondo was sold out, so I posted an SOS on Facebook.  Within days, I had all the buckles I needed for free.
Thanks again, Chloe!  These are your boots!
I really do feel so fortunate to have so many good friends.  Thanks everyone.  Maybe this month won't be so long after all!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bad news/good news

Seth's car is broken.  

That's not terribly surprising.  It's an old car with a lot of miles.  Fortunately, Seth is a pretty handy.  Most of the time he's able to fix things as they come up.
Except... not this time.  The car needs to go to the mechanic, and the mechanic can't fit it in until May 14.
Yes, you read that right--May 14.  Seth and I will be sharing my car for the next month.  Since he has a regular job and I don't, the car is mostly his, at least during business hours.
So, that's the bad news.  Where's the good?
Lots of time at home means lots of time for finishwork and tack.   Maybe--just maybe--I'll use that time to finish my BHR Loper (remember he's supposed to be a rabicano) and make enough tack to pay for the mechanic's bill.   
Wish me luck--it's going to be a long month!