Thursday, December 5, 2013

More goodies by Jane

I had so much fun playing with my Jane Schneider blankets yesterday, that I decided to showcase the rest of my Jane goodies today!

Nowadays, Jane is best known for her beautifully dressed rider dolls.
However, when I first met Jane back in the late 1990's, her production list was filled with ribbon halters and hand sewn blankets.  Since I was also making ribbon halters, those didn't interest me.  The blankets were a different story.  They reminded me so much of the blankets I'd made as a kid, only a hundred times nicer.  Of course, I found them completely irresistible.

Fortunately for my budget, Jane was willing to trade.  I made her a small pile of strap goods, and in exchange I got a mare and foal blanket set, a quarter sheet and this little "Sleazy" blanket.  I was planning to use this in a free style reining set-up.  Like a lot of my ambitious performance plans, this one has yet to see the light.  Maybe someday!
After that successful first trade, Jane and I started making things for one another on a regular basis.  I can't remember exactly what she got from me, but my "payments" included a number of English saddle blankets...
and one really spectacular jump.  
Oh, how I love this jump!  
Although it's nearly fourteen years old, the quality of this piece is timeless.  Its beauty is matched only by its versatility.  Those standards may look solid, but they each break down into several pieces.  Over the years, I've used various parts for both over fences and trail classes.
After my kids were born, I dropped out of the local hobby scene for a few years.  As soon as I started showing again, Jane and I went right back to trading.  These saddle packs were my first post-kid Jane pieces. 
Like all of Jane's work, these packs are extremely well made with great attention to detail. 
Like the jump, this set comes with options. Here's the super sized cantle pack for those really big loads.
Since the mid to late 2000's, all my Jane trade credits have gone towards dolls.  Despite that, I did manage to pick up another one of Jane's props a couple years back.  This Dragon Game set helped Jane's pony, Dunkirk Leeds, win the AR/CM Other English Performance class at NAN 2005.  Now Dunkirk is mine and so is his dragon.
I feel truly fortunate, not just to own so many wonderful Jane goodies, but also to count Jane among my friends.  Thanks for all the wonderful years of trades, Jane.  I hope we can keep on going for years to come!


  1. Not only are my ears burning, Jennifer, so is my face :-)

    I'd completely forgotten some of these items! I do intend to keep making dolls and, in fact, have one underway for you although it's a loooong way from completion.

    Thank you so much for making my day!!

  2. I just wish I had a resin painted by you, Jane. Without that, the best I can do is an incomplete showcase of your talent!


  3. I LOVE the jump and child rider :) also the resin.

  4. I knew that Jane made beautiful dolls but somehow I missed that fact that she makes awesome props and tack items. I feel like I have been under a rock. What a great showcase!

    1. You're not alone. I think most hobbyists are unaware of the depth of Jane's talent. In so many cases, big name artists are actually high volume artists. People who produce and advertise less, are often fairly unknown, no matter how talented they are.

      Of course those of us in the know kind of like it that way. If everyone knew how great Jane's work is, I probably wouldn't have so much of it!


  5. LOVE Jane... and you forgot about the PONY POUCHES! :D

  6. Love the nylon saddle packs. Just set of dolls and props too. Your tack box has the coolest items in it.