Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Model Fjords

Of all the pictures I took yesterday, this one just might be my favorite.  That's my friend, Fabian with his first real horse, Cisco, and his first Breyer horse, who is also named Cisco.  How cool is that?
And because I simply couldn't resist, here's a picture of one Cisco standing atop the other!
Like Fabian, I also have a Breyer Fjord. 
His name is Vargo... 
and he was...
 quite the performance horse... 
back in the late 1990's. 
Funny, I don't remember this photo at all, but it seems quite appropriate given today's date!
I also have a North Light Fjord.  His name is Bjorgi. 
Additionally, there are two Fjords on my project shelf.  This one is a Fjord mule.  She's a newer acquisition, having come to me from Alicia Strayer-Mangan and the Model Horse Blab Pay it Forward ("PIF") program.  I received her shortly after my surgery, and the note accompanying her warned that she was made from a particularly brittle resin.  "Hope you have lots of super glue and baking soda!" Alicia wrote, "You're going to need it!"  Sure enough, two days later Darcy and I conspired to rebreak one of her legs.  I tacked it together for this picture, but I still need to fix it properly.
My other project Fjord started life as a BHR classic draft.  I bought his half-finished self from Melanie Miller several years ago.  He's nearly ready for paint now, but like so many of my customizing projects, it's been a long, slow march to completion.  Who knows?  Maybe 2014 will be the year he's finally finished!
Thanks again, Fabian, for sharing both your Cisco's with me.  Fjords are such a neat breed, and I'm glad I have a few gracing my shelves!


  1. Great views of model Fjords! Thank you so much. Did you know Liz Bouras/Amarna issued a resincast Fjord in 1992--- 60 head? He's in your wordless Wednesday Christmas post.

  2. As much as I do like the Amarna Fjord, my favorite resin Fjord was sculpted by Brigitte Eberl. One of the local Colorado showers has an especially nice copy that I admire at every show. Maybe someday I'll have one of those, too!


  3. Love this post. As a Breyer Fjord hoarder (only need the last BF one and Naughty...oh and any OOAK, which are not on any wish list) he has a spot in my heart even though I don't show him or anything. On my old mail route a couple have two though we didn't go past them, we turn in their driveway. I once did a little drawing of a Fjord and left it in their mailbox. Now that I am being moved over to that route again maybe I can get to know them better...if they still have them.

    Anyway, neither here nor there. Hope you have a great Christmas day.

  4. This is *Magnus, a wooden sculpture by Hennig of Norway (yes, he really is imported; I brought him from Stavanger in 1992). His head is way off but he was still a good "horsey" souvenir.

  5. LOVE the photo of Fabian with his two Ciscos! I had no idea he'd never owned a horse before. How wonderful for him! Did the live Cisco come with that name or did he re-name him to match the model?