Friday, December 13, 2013


Both Seth and I were expecting packages today, so I stayed home and waited for the mail to be delivered.  Usually, it comes pretty early, but not today.  

I waited...
and waited... 
and waited! 
It was nearly 5:30 before the mail truck pulled up in front of my house.  Seth got his box...
but there was no package for me.  So sad! 
Half an hour later, the doorbell rang.  Surprise!  It's my Model Horse Blab Secret Santa gift!
Bet you can't wait to see what's in the box...


  1. Oh no you di'int! Good to see you using both arms again. I hope PT is going well.

    1. Although it seems INCREDIBLY SLOW to me, both my doctor and therapist are pleased with my progress. I'm driving again and have regained a lot of motion in my shoulder. There are still things I can't do, but the list is getting shorter every day. I just have to keep reminding myself to be patient. Even though it seems like forever ago, it's been less than two months since my accident...

  2. Nooooooo! You cant do this to us! Why?????!!!!!! :)

  3. As a mail carrier I will tell you it is hard delivering in the dark. The past two months have been rough here. Yesterday was not bad but for the 67 parcels and blizzard. I was grateful for fewer catalogs!

    And too bad I am reading this late and already know what you got or I'd be on the "you are so mean" bandwagon! LOL