Saturday, December 7, 2013

Silver and gold leafing tutorial

The holiday season is here, so today's guest blogger post feels especially timely.  Many thanks to Natalie Kilpatrick for allowing me to re-publish this tutorial.  Thanks a million, Nat!

Silver and Gold Leafing Tutorial 

by Natalie Kilpatrick

This tutorial explains how I used metal leafing to decorate the hardware on my Stacey Tumlinson Sleigh Bells ornament.  The bells will be silver, so naturally you're going to watch how I transform these resin bells into silver bells.
The product I'm using is Mona Lisa Metal Flakes (in silver or gold) and Mona Lisa Leaf Adhesive.
First, apply the adhesive to the areas you want to leaf and nothing else. In this case I brush on the adhesive to just the bells.
Now with the bells fully covered in adhesive, set it aside to dry for thirty minutes. This step is crucial! Do not get antsy and start on it a minute too soon or your leaf will slide all over the place.
Once the adhesive has dried, put down a paper plate and/or some foil to catch all of the leaf that ends up not attached to the resin.

It may be a good idea to shut off your air conditioner, furnace, fans, or anything that can cause air movement nearby as leaf is flakey and flies everywhere. You may even want to wear a dust mask, not because you don't want to breathe it in, but because even breathing can cause the leaf to disperse onto your carpet.
Open the bag of leaf...
...and scatter enough to cover the areas you just painted.
Next, take a dry paint brush and start smooshing (not brushing) the leaf into place. Smoosh it into the little crooks and crevices, etc.
After you've smooshed it everywhere it needs to be, gently begin sweeping the leaf. This would leave it with a smooth finish and remove any excess that did not adhere to the adhesive. 
Blow away and excess and you're done! Repeat as necessary on areas where resin is still visible.
In twenty four hours, you should be able to buff it to a shiny finish and remove any unnecessary lumps.


  1. Where do you get the model??


    1. Hi Rebekah,
      If you click on the link for "Sleigh Bells Ornament" in the tutorial, it will take you to Stacey's website.
      Unfortunately this is sold out (and unavailable) so you may want to check out the MH$P website to see if anyone has any listed for sale there. Good Luck.

  2. That is amazing!

    Do you want some photos to post on your blog? I have fairly good photography, Photos from a recent endurance race and also some from a rodeo. I can email them to you if you would like to see them.
    My email is