Friday, December 6, 2013

Hobby cones

Traffic cones are a must-have item for the dedicated performance shower.  Although not a glamorous prop, they are exceeding versatile and can be found in any number of set-ups, including (but not limited to) driving, trail, Western riding and all sorts of games.

Unfortunately, until recently, good in-scale model traffic cones were hard to find.  For the most part, performance showers have had to make their own, and the results are not always pretty.
photo by Lauren Mauldin
I lucked out.  More than twenty years ago, I ordered a set of traffic cones, sight unseen, through an ad in the back of Just About Horses.  
As far as homemade hobby cones go, these are top notch, and they have served me well over the years.
Recently, however, I've found something even better.
These 1:10 scale traffic cones are produced by RC4WD for the radio control car crowd.  They are, without a  doubt, the best traditional scale model traffic cones I've ever seen.  Everything about these cones makes the miniaturist in me happy.  I love the bright colors and the top-to-bottom realistic construction.
The cones are lightweight but durable and stack wonderfully.
Best of all, they have a list price of $6.99 for a set of ten.  Even with shipping, that works out to less than one dollar per cone.  
It's my experience that bargains like this do not last forever.  They get discontinued or the company goes out of business or something and it's back to making cones from Super Sculpey or Wilton cake decorating tips.  If you're a performance shower or a wanna be performance shower, do yourself a favor and buy yourself a set of cones now.  They also make great stocking stuffers for all your performance loving friends!


  1. These cones really are awesome. And so cost effective that I didn't mind chopping some up to make them better for certain games.

  2. ...I need to get myself some of those!

  3. OMG. It's the coneheads on horseback!

  4. The orange ones are currently out of stock on their website, but they still have the blue & yellow ones.

  5. I got some of these a little while ago, though they only had yellow at the time. I also found some smaller ones which suit LB scale or have some use in Trad/Classic set ups.

  6. So cute! Love miniature stuff!
    Where do you get the doll's helmets?