Monday, August 5, 2013

Red Devil Live 2013

Colorado used to be a hotbed of hobby activity, but no more.  With the recent cancellation of the long running Rocky Mountain Rendezvous show, we are now down to just one show (Springamathing) that includes performance and/or full artist resin and custom divisions. 

If I want to have a live show fix, it's obvious that I need to expand my horizons.

This explains how I found myself at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds last Saturday for the Red Devil Live Original Finish Breyer show.
I own a lot of Breyers, but most of them aren't live show material.  My RDL showstring was comprised of just seven models. 
The most notable member of the "magnificent seven" is my Mosaic, High Lonesome. 
Joining him were my two other Connoisseur models, Shalimay...  
and Wild Thing. 
My good performance mare, White Trash Girl, also made the cut... 
as did two old favorites, Honeymoon Sweet...
and Tulare Dust. 
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the seventh model, my bay tobiano Stoneleigh Surprise.  Like the others, he was also dressed in a halter.  That was my own slightly ridiculous attempt at make showing OF Breyers feel a bit more performance-like.  It didn't work.

The show started with the draft division.  
I didn't pack any drafters so this was a bit boring for me.  I passed the time by wandering around the show hall, taking photos of other people's tables...
and other people's winnings.
I also spent a lot of time talking to both old...
and new friends... 
and helping Yashka name her horses!
After what seemed like an eternity, the stock division began.   Honeymoon Sweet was the first Braymere horse to enter the show ring.
I thought she looked pretty in her silver halter, but the class was huge and she didn't place.
Tulare Dust did better, bringing home a yellow ribbon in the Mustang Mare class.  
The Sport Horse division was next.  Three of my horses were showing in this division.  White Trash Girl went first...
and won second place.
Woo hoo!  A NAN card!
Wild Thing was fourth in the Other Pure/Mix Sport.
He was beaten by my own High Lonesome... 
who also went on to be named Sport Division Champion.  Yay! 
It's fun to win, but honestly, by this point I was kind of over the OF Breyer show.  I wanted to go home and spend time with my family, so I gathered my loot and headed out.
I left High Lonesome, Shalimay and Purdy Surprise in care of Teresa who showed them with great success.  Thanks a million, T!
I had a good time at the Red Devil Live OF Breyer show, and I'm glad I went.  However, it's obvious that OF Halter showing is not for me.  Next time I need a live show fix, I think I'm going to expand my horizons in a different direction...  Hello, Wyoming!


  1. Jennifer, you should try to attend the small show in Wichita Falls in Oct. It is only one day and you would have to stay overnight, but you would get your performance and AR/CM fix. I want to go, but don't know that I will be up to driving that far yet.

  2. As I said, Shalimay and High Lonesome are going to NAN, whether they are shown under your name or not.

    They like living in my closet and getting out occassionally.

  3. I wonder if they could go under both our names? I suppose you own a little piece after all this time!

    Eventually, I want them to come home for some official "my collection" photos. Maybe after we go to Wyoming?


    1. I don't think they could be both "ours"... not quite how the registration program works. And certainly, they can come home after Wyoming :D I shouldn't "need" them afterwards :D

  4. I completely agree! OF Halter is boooooring!!

    The Wichita Falls show is pretty small and very low-key. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this year due to 2 conflicts on the same day. :(

  5. I only own OF Breyers, so this is all I know in the world of showing. I think resins are really hard though because they're all so good! I'm very jelous of your Mosaic!

  6. I just want to say that I'm looking forward to the WY show! :) I will have mainly OF horses, unless I can get some resins painted in time. I like to cut things close. ;) But....I am mainly interested in hanging out with other model people!

  7. I see a RESIN! Is that yours or Fabian's Trenzado?

    1. I wish it was mine!

      As you guessed, that's Fabian's Trenzado. He put it on my table so I would feel more at home.


    2. Awwh. He's so nice to share. :D

  8. LOL! I like OF and did well with them at my first show, now I find minis and performance are best for me. :)

    Your photos are amazing! What camera do you use? Could I guess a Nikon D3100 maybe?

  9. hi! my name is meryl walling, i am 12, and collect breyer and peter stone. i have to tell you how much i enjoy looking at your artwork! Recently, i have started trying to make my own saddles and bridles, and it has been a lot harder than i thought! i have been searching for a nice hunter saddle for my newsworthy, i know this is a lot to ask- but if you have any extra time could you maybe work on a saddle for me? also, how much would that be? thank you so much!!!!!