Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I'd planned to make Anne's girth today, but alas, my buckle box was empty...
Ok, maybe not totally empty but I didn't have enough 1/8" squares or ovals to proceed.
"No matter!" I told myself. "I'll order the buckles now, and work on other the sandwich case and bridle in the meantime."
I finished the sandwich case quickly, but then I got sidetracked. I kept looking at yesterday's pictures and thinking, "That doll needs boots." 
It took the better part of the afternoon, but now she has some!
Tomorrow I'll work on that bridle, unless of course I get sidetracked by something else!


  1. Is is silly that I am ridiculously pleased with that little sandwich case? It's so adorable! Great boots as always Jenn, though you know I am willing to make the boots for you :) I know you like do do your own though.

  2. I know you would, and I so appreciate that you are not offended that I'd rather do my own! I'm such a do-it-yourselfer at heart. Even though I have no interest in sewing doll clothes, I really like to contribute something to my dolls' wardrobes!


  3. P.S. Is it silly that I was ridiculously pleased to discover that the sidesaddle doll's pants weren't just leggings but actual breeches? It's highly unlikely that anyone but me will ever look up her skirt, but I'm so glad she's got suede knee patches under there!

  4. I cant wait for the day your blogging about my side saddle!!!!!


  5. Hello! I've got a bunch of pictures of really old sidesaddles, jousting tack (and of jousting happening) and military tack sitting on my computer. Would you like some photos for reference ? It would be nice if they were useful for someone!

    1. I would love to see those pictures! You can post them on my Facebook page or send them to braymere@comcast.net .


  6. Hi your tack is awsome PS I love your dolls boots