Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brenda vs. Yvonne

Step aside, Brenda!  There's a new doll in town, and she's taking the live show ring by storm.  Her name is Yvonne, and she is awesome.  In today's two part guest post, my friend, Anne Field compares the Brenda and Yvonne dolls in regards to their usefulness for the model horse hobby.  Thanks, Anne!  

Yvonne vs. Brenda

by Anne Field

(I realize that some people have an issue with nudity even if it is just in a toy human (*AKA* a doll). The cautionary message below will show up instead of a nude doll photo if you are a subscriber.)

Welcome to the first ever (that I am aware of) head-to-head competition between the Breyer female rider dolls and the new Zica humanoid doll Yvonne. We'll call the Breyer doll Brenda (as that was her name for awhile) just so we can talk about them.
Here Brenda and Yvonne are meeting for the first time. It's always nice to start with a handshake.
For the first round I am just comparing the height and the overall look of each doll. Yvonne is wearing the smallest size breasts that she comes with (she comes with 3 sizes) and the hands that are the most appropriate to ride (until I get out the heat gun and mess with another set...). Yvonne seems a little bit shorter than Brenda which will make a lot of hobbyists quite happy since Brenda is often out of scale depending on which horse she is riding.Yvonne looks to have a more human looking waist and thighs that seem to be a bit shorter. Maybe they won't need to be shortened to fit the saddles...

Oh, Yvonne also stands exceptionally well. Brenda takes a little work and holding your breath.
For the second round we are seeing who can bend their head down further. This is good for saluting in dressage, games and probably a whole bunch other things. Brenda isn't very good at this.
Round three is tilting the head back, a postition that is great for speed games, over fences classes and probably Arab showmanship. Brenda doesn't seem to be good at this either. Yvonne is doing an OK job, but there's still room for improvement.
Round 4 is the bendy test. Brenda is trying hard,but that is as far own as she can go. Again, breathing is not allowed because she will fall over. Yvonne is exceptionally good at this challenge. Even with her arms flipped over backwards! (I noticed that after the photo shoot). Yvonne's knees and elbows do something weird in this extreme bend but it does allow her to get down further. Brenda still has normal looking (sort of) knees and elbows. I would say it's a tie, but I like that Yvonne can bend so much without being rebuilt.
Well, now Yvonne is just showing off! Brenda has no chance at this one.
Round 5 is sitting a horse. Brenda does that pretty well but she has to "hold on" or she will slide right off. She can do it though... 
...I think Yvonne does it better. She doesn't need to "hold on" with her hands and can stay seated very easily on her horse. I imagine I could change her leg position as much as needed as well. Also take note, her knees look normal (I can can even switch it so her knee is on the lower pivot point and her thigh is shorter. It's pretty cool!)
Hmm, I think she is showing off again!
Brenda is a nice enough doll that rides fairly well.  With some modifications, she can sit nicely, look human and contribute to a win in the show ring. However, it does take a lot of body work to get her there. The above Brenda has one of the nice, smaller factory heads (I really will miss them when I run out), but I think Yvonne's head and her features are more in scale with a real person. Yvonne looks cranky but I might be able to make her look more happy, or just serious, with a bit of paint. All in all I, am incredibly impressed with the new Zica humanoid female doll. They can be ordered here. I will have to test one out dressed before I can give my final verdict on her usefulness as a hobby doll, but so far I like her a lot!

Note from Jennifer--I included the link to Zica's website, but it seems to be broken.  If anyone has a better address, please let me know.  This is a great looking doll, and I'm sure a lot of readers will want to buy one for themselves!


  1. I have bookmarked the Yvonne doll for when I'm felling a bit more spendy. She looks good and thanks for the proof. I found her on eBay.

    As for the photo of her head being able to bend forward I thought she was scrutinizing Brenda's bust size, LOL. Glad to see Yvonne is more realistically endowed, no torpedoes! We can skip looking for the non-existing non-uniboob inducing athletic bra for Yvonne, LOL.

  2. The website looks weird now....not what it was before. However, he has a Facebook page that has lots of info on it.

  3. And he is selling now on evilbay! lol

  4. I think I need a Yvonne parade doll (to go with that existent parade set) with the biggest sized boobs... just seems like a good idea...



  5. Darrell says I need to have one with boobs showing, sexy like.....the big boobs....

    I loved this post when I saw it the first time and it is still just as good!

  6. The very first set of the biggest Yvonne boobs I got I gave to my husband. He turned them into a chain-pull on a sign at the tattoo shop where he works. See, everybody needs dolls.

    1. That's really funny. Now I want to see some dressed big boob Yvonne's in the live show ring.

      (Probably not on one of my horses, though!)


  7. The links I previously had for the order page and the information page for Zica are also not working so I contacted Craig and here is his reply when I asked if there was a problem with his website:

    "Yes, I've been attempting to revamp the website and there have been some unforeseen problems. It's still a work in progress but you should be able to access it. I just tried myself and it worked fine. Regards,Craig"

    So I tried to access the site with just going to and was able to get to the home page of his site, etc.

    It's not what I remember but, as he said, he's in the process of revamping it...

    Hope this info helps.

  8. Where can I get Yvonne? I have been looking for a doll with better flexibility and ability, but have yet to find one! Thanks, Kate:)

  9. I am dying laughing here over Christine's "boob inspection" comment. I was so caught up in Anne's scholarly comparisons that I didn't even notice that, but oh, YES, that's exactly what it looks like! BWAHAHAAHAHA!

    I agree that Yvonne looks like the winner, but what is up with all that HAIR??? Is she supposed to be a ready-to-go Lady Godiva? Or perhaps it's there so folks can go to town on her hairstyle for various events. I can just see the 60's era Western rider with a cowboy hat perched on an enormous bouffant. ;-)

    [P.S. You can ignore my question about other rider dolls on the other post, since that has been answered here by Karate Girl.]

  10. Also, I do not care for Yvonne's current expression. I know dark eyebrows are all the rage nowadays but good grief, she looks like a glowering "Curse of the Ancient Goddess" illustration. Hope you guys can make her a bit more friendly!

  11. Is this the same Yvonne doll that's $20 on the website? She's cheaper than I expected......