Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Almost wordless Wednesday

Although I no longer actively collect original finish Breyers, I'm not immune to their charms.  There were a number of models at the Red Devil Live OF Breyer show that would look right at home on my shelves.  Here are a few that caught my eye (and my camera's lens).  Enjoy!
Teresa's glossy Big Chex to Cash
Vicky's decorators
Fabian's Elegance
Winner of the huge Warmblood stallion class
Yashka and Teresa's Lipizzaners
Pretty Carrick
Dayle's Lucy
Teresa's table
Vicky's artist proof Silver Knight
Yashka's mule


  1. Oooooh, I love (the) Elegance and Carrick! (Not sure if that's their names or the model names) Also really love the Lipizzaners... in fact, how come I don't own one of those? :-)

    1. I have both the Lipizzaners, but in different (still white) releases. The big one is in a box in my basement, but I don't think I've seen the little one in at least ten years. He must still be living at my parents' house. Maybe I'll dig him up when I visit him next week.

      I really like Fabian's Elegance, but I'm kind of iffy on the Carrick. His color is awesome, but the mold is kind of weird in person. It looks great from some angles but no so much from others. I don't think I'll be adding one to my collection unless it's been heavily remade.

  2. The bay WB is really lovely. Without seeing the whole class I can see he is a winner.

  3. My favorites are the Carrick and the Ravel. :) I still collect OF so it doesn't take much to turn my eye. hehehe

  4. Having just gotten Carrick (glossy) I am delighted to find my taste has good company. I love him. Affinity must have been his dam; they are posed alike.

  5. Awww, my Lucy made it! I am seriously still blown away by the work that must have gone into her, especially at the price (she was $99!).

    I do have a Carrick as well and I agree he has some issues that I wish had been addressed before his release (the front cannons...). But at the same time I love the big lug.

    1. I <3 Lucy. I have the Balking Mule in grey Appaloosa, but I much prefer this newer, LOUDER version.

      I really like the Stretch Morgan in the Appaloosa Performance Horse color, too!


  6. I'm really jealous of Fabian's Elegance! I was going to get it until I saw that it was $200 in the breyer catalog (may be different now), but I got the Mistral Hojris instead.

    I know this is totally unrelated but if you didn't know, Tandy Leather is having a HUGE sale on their leather lace. A 25yd spool of 1/8 leather craft lace is only $3! The spools of kangaroo lace are only $20 instead of $70. They also have some dye for only $.99 and I don't know how much their hides are but I know that some of those are on sale -- though shipping can be expensive if you don't have a store near you...