Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The RMR show hall

You can hold a live show almost anywhere. Personally I have attended shows at hotels and schools, fairgrounds and senior centers. Until this weekend, however, I had never been to a live show that was held in a log cabin.
The show hall for the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous is about as basic as it gets--just one big room with a stage at one end.
The inside looks cozy but don't be fooled. This cabin isn't heated and nighttime temperatures in Grand Lake dip into the twenties. It was a cold morning for everyone, and I was extremely glad that my down jacket had made it into the car!
There weren't enough tables to go around, so it was decided that Teresa and I would share a table. Since we were both showing performance we used the table for tacking and kept all our horses on the stage. It was a bit unconventional but worked out just fine!
Far more problematic, at least in my opinion, was the bathroom situation. In addition to having no heat, the show hall was also without plumbing. Somehow I was not aware of this fact until I actually needed to use the restroom. See that little building way down the road...
Yeah, that one! That's the nearest bathroom and wouldn't you know it's a one seater with a constant line to get in...
Oh well, that's all part of Rocky Mountain Rendezvous' rustic charm! And, you know, with prizes like this, we'll put up with almost anything...
Next up--pictures from the performance division!


  1. I could have sworn I warned you about the bathrooms... At least it wasn't "Find the nearest rock, go around until you can't see anything..." type of facilities :D

  2. Well, you might have warned me but I sure didn't hear it! The bathroom thing came as a complete surprise. Fortunately it wasn't much of issue, but still... I wouldn't have thought that bathroom facilities were an optional feature in a show hall!