Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vacation horses

Despite the travel woes, our recent family vacation to California was a big success.  We had a wonderful time visiting my parents and enjoying a few of Los Angeles County's best attractions.  If I had one complaint, it would be that our trip was distinctly lacking in horses.

During our trip last year, we spent a lot of time driving around the Pasadena area, visiting all places I used to ride.  This year, we didn't do any of that.  Our only real horse encounter came when we glimpsed a group of riders enjoying the trails in Eaton Canyon.
Fortunately, the non-real horse sightings were a bit more plentiful.  On Sunday, we visited the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino.
Art galleries almost always have horses. 
Day by Paul Howard Manship, 1938
Some are pretty obvious.
Horse by Jacobus Halder, ca. 1765
Others are a bit sneakier. 
State Fair by John Steuart Curry, 1929
Look!  There they are.
Not surprisingly, many of the horses accompanied various military figures.
Edward, Viscount Ligonier by Thomas Gainsborough, 1775
Every general needs a grey charger!
General George Agustus Elliot on a Grey Charger by John Singleton Copley, 1787
There were also a number race horses.
Sam with Sam Chifney, Jr Up by Benjamin Marshall, 1818
Even though these paintings are very stylized...
Shoveller Held by Her Trainer Will Chifney by Benjamin Marshall, 1819
I always enjoy looking at Thoroughbreds!
Baronet with Sam Chifney Up by George Stubbs, 1791
As you might expect, the American Art Collection included a Remington.
Ryan was sooooo not impressed. 
He might be the best airport companion ever, but Ryan is not much fun at the art museum! 
Without a doubt, the weirdest horse sighting came during our day trip to Venice Beach.  We ate lunch at Sean's Cafe on the Venice Boardwalk...
and discovered this diorama hanging on the wall.
If I'm not mistaken, that's a Breyer O'Leary's Irish Diamond hiding under all that... stuff?
Ugh!  What is all that stuff supposed to be?  Is there a pop culture reference here that I'm missing?  This thing is just plain weird!
Horses are everywhere, and I am glad.  Even a non-horsey family vacation needs a horse or two, and I'm just the woman to seek them out and take their photos!


  1. I know!!! What is that Breyer Horse supposed to be doing?? I don't get it either. Still, enjoyed that great post of TBs!


  2. Isn't that Spiderman lurking at the top of the Breyer dio? Regardless, it looks like someone's just poured slurry over them all!

  3. I like Art just as much as the next person and can usually appreciate something that I may not understand.
    This, I just don't 'get'.
    That poor horse - hahaha

    1. I have to admit--I had thoughts of rescuing him! Alas, he seemed pretty well trapped in his slurry covered prison.

  4. Those are some LONG, SKINNY TBs...

    And I thought my horse, Lumpy, was skinny!

  5. Oh, that poor Irish Diamond! Spider-man looks like he's going to come to the rescue. Maybe he'll become the Spider-Horse. :)