Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LSL postscript

Vicky Norris wasn't the only shower using BCS tack at last weekend's Lone Star Live show in Fort Worth Texas.  Here's a look at a few of the other entries wearing my work.

First up is Christie Partee's customized Lone Star resin.  He is wearing the police set that I made for the 2010 NAN auction.  His rider, Officer Joe, was dressed by Jane Schneider, and the police barrier was made by Jerry Lynn Rice.
The next two entries belong to Kellye Bussey.  The Charro set was made in 2010, and is paired with a doll by Joan Yount. 
The Gaucho set is of more recent origin, having been built this past January.  It is also shown with a Joan Yount doll.
It's always a pleasure to see my tack in the show ring.  Thanks to Vicky for sharing the photos, and to Christie and Kellye for making my work look so good!


  1. I always like to see the different ways in which model owners come up with to show off their horses and tack. It's especially refreshing to observe the diverse variety that any one particular person chooses over another.

    I have to say this is my first time viewing a Police Set and I was quite surprised at just how much I liked it! What a nice departure from the 'typical' presentations!!

  2. I'm delighted to see Officer Joe getting out and about!

  3. It's Officer Joe on patrol! Love that set.

  4. I LOVE the police officer set-up! It is something I would love to have as a set-up. I used to work with the mounted units of two of the local police agencies and am a life-long "cop nut" hahaha. It looks awesome!

  5. Thanks, Jennifer! I consider myself very fortunate to have the police set, and it is one of my favorite costumes to show. It's small Trad scale, so it looks awesome on my Lonestar, and on the Valentine mare OF. I added the "road" footing, and there's also some neat documentation, too.

  6. WOW - I love that police set! Totally realistic on that horse. I hope you won a nice ribbon for it, Christie, because it's really special...