Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dog park

We went to the dog park today.
The kids brought their mountain boards... 
and took turns pulling each other on the trail. 
The dogs ran up
and down the cliffs. 
They played in the water... 
and ran through fields. 
A good time was had by all. 
I would have been happy to stay there all day.
Eventually, however, it was time to pack up and head home.
I spent the next couple hours in the studio, working on a casual Western bridle.  It's nothing special, but it was fun to make.
This has been a good Sunday.  I'm feeling relaxed and happy and am looking forward to a (hopefully!) productive week ahead.


  1. /That's/ a dog park!? Apparently another downfall of living in southern California; our dog parks are grassy, flat rectangles with an ornamental shrub or two.

  2. To be fair, most of the Denver area dog parks are flat sandy rectangles with a few ornamental rocks. This particular dog park is part of Cherry Creek State Park so it's substantially nicer.


  3. You had lots of fun! And the bridle looks fun too - another piece of backlog?

  4. I love the browband! Can you make a lifesized one in green for Dani? LOL

  5. That's a cool dog park. Love the bridle!

  6. The bridle isn't part of the backlog (I wish!). It's just an experiment to see how the K.Smith halter strips work on a bridle. Not sure that it shows in the photo, but the cheekpieces are made of the same material as the browband.

    If anyone wants a halter or bridle made with these K.Smith fabric strips, feel free to email me. I'm having so much fun with these that I might be willing to lift the no new order ban.

    We are really fortunate to have this dog park nearby. Time spent there feels like an off leash hike rather than a suburban dog park visit. Best of all, everyone comes home tired, dirty and happy.


  7. I never get tired of seeing your dogs and your family. You have such a talent for photography - in addition to many other things!

  8. I love your dogs, they are beautiful!
    You have great photography skills!