Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Boxing day

I shipped out two saddle sets and a model today.
Since all of these are trade items, I'm looking forward to a good mail week ahead!


  1. To me, a good mail week is one with no bills.

    Bonus if it's mail from Dad - he tends to send Flick money. :)

  2. No bills is a neutral mail week. A good mail week involves something horse shaped!

  3. Horse or tack Shaped objects in the mail are the best! :) If fact I'm awaiting a horse shaped object in the mail right now. :) I just bought a really cute SM custom foal He is a Grulla Tobiano. Any name suggestions? lol :)

    The Breyer store near me also just got their new order in! So I raided their horses. lol However, my next show probably is not until Fall *Gasps in horror* LOL