Friday, March 22, 2013


Usually my mailman delivers in the afternoon, so today I went to the barn and ran all my errands early.  I was home at noon and found this in my mailbox.
I hate it when that happens!  Now I have to wait until nine o'clock tomorrow morning to meet the newest member of my herd.


  1. At least you were gone.... I've had pink slips show up in my box when I've been home all day with the front door open, (heavy barred screen door locked/closed), and the dogs alert to anything close to the house. Annoying.....very annoying....

    I hope it is something really nice!

  2. That used to happen to me all the time at my old house. One time I actually saw the mailman put the pink card in the mailbox and drive away without ever attempting to deliver the package. I went to the post office to complain, and they told me the mailman didn't always have the packages on the truck. What he was doing was perfectly ok, and I had no reason to complain.

    Yeah, I was seriously annoyed to hear that!

    Fortunately, I've never had that problem since I moved to this house. In fact, my old mailman would often double back and attempt a second delivery if I wasn't home the first time around. Needless to say, I really, really, REALLY liked that mailman! The current one is fine, but I still miss Chuck...