Monday, March 11, 2013

Carriages at the Horse Expo

Perhaps my favorite exhibit at last weekend's Rocky Mountain Horse Expo was the carriage display sponsored by the Colorado Driving Society.
Meadowbrook Pony Cart
A wide variety of carts and carriages were parked inside the exhibit hall, 
Jerald Pleasure Cart for Minis
each with photos...
Jerald Cart in use
Easy Entry Cart
other documentation that explained the vehicle's origins and uses.
Easy Entry Cart documentation
I am not terribly well versed in the different types of horse drawn carriages,
Hooded Gig
so I found this exhibit to be extremely educational.

I now know that a Gig is a lightweight, two wheeled carriage that can be pulled by either a single horse or a tandem pair.  This was a very popular vehicle back in the day, as its height offered the driver a good view of both the horse and the road ahead.  Today, Gigs are used for all types of formal driving, including Show Pleasure and Dressage.
 I also learned that Dog Carts...
Dog Cart
were actually designed to transport dogs!
This is a Plantation Phaeton.  It's a luxury vehicle designed to be pulled by a single horse or pair. 
Plantation Phaeton
This particular Phaeton was built in the 1880's by C. Stone & Sons in Chicago, Illinois.  It is now owned by Phantom Dragon Ranch.
detail of the Phaeton's lamp
At the opposite end of the spectrum is the tiny Hyperbike.  Weighing in at just thirty pounds, this vehicle is extremely strong and maneuverable and is very popular with the miniature horse crowd.
Kudos to the Colorado Driving Society for sponsoring this most informative and interesting display.  I really enjoyed viewing the carriages and look forward to seeing them again at next year's Expo!


  1. All the carts where cool but i didn't like that color green..yuck!!

  2. I loved all the carts! Good job with this post today, Jennifer!

    (I wonder what you are doing in the studio).


  3. I really thought that the Phaeton was cool! It's nice to see a bunch of carts like that....

  4. I've never seen anything like that Hyperbike. Thanks Jennifer for sharing all this!

  5. *sigh* Seeing these just stokes my desire to try driving... I REALLY REALLY want to do that someday. So cool!!!

  6. I'll be honest--the idea of driving a big horse and a big carriage totally intimidates me. However, I think I could be really happy with a mini and a Hyperbike. Really, really, REALLY happy!

  7. Thanks for the great photos! I love to see driving horses in action. I would love to try it myself one day!

  8. Anyone who wants to give it a try in the Colorado area, I love to get new people hooked on driving!