Friday, March 22, 2013

Gift horse update

About six months ago, I gave away some thirty plus model horses.  Most of these were original finish Breyers, but there were a few miscellaneous pieces, including some abandoned customizing projects from my body box.

Evelyn Lauer received one of those half finished customs.
She writes:  I had gotten stymied with the polo pony that I was working on so I put him away, and I've been waiting for this foal to speak to me. Not long ago this little one decided it was time. You can also see the reference I'm using for positioning.
I’ve having so much fun with this little guy/girl; I hacked off the head and neck, moved legs and worked on feet.
Plus the little face was so lopsided I had to cut out and move one eye and work on the nostril and muzzle on one side!!
Just yesterday I added the mane and today I threw on a coat of primer so I could get a feel of where I’m at.
Oh, I know it’s not perfect but you have to remember this is the furthest I’ve ever been with customizing!!!
I was always too scared to cut up anything before but with this one... well, I’m having so much fun!  Even with hacking off the head and neck, moving leg joints and the eye, there hasn't been the stark fear of working on a model - it’s been replaced with the excitement of going down to the studio each day!! Sure it’s still all new but I’m really enjoying all that I’m learning.

Thank you for that.... 

You're welcome, Evelyn, and thank you for sharing your baby's progress.  She looks wonderful already, and I just know she's going to be something special when she's finished!


  1. It really is awesome.

    There's no denying that I have some serious pack rat issues. It's hard for me to give things away, but getting updates like this makes it SO worthwhile. Evelyn is doing a much better job on that foal than I ever would have, plus she's learning and having fun.

    Just awesome all the way around!

  2. Lucky for me you have pack rat issues! :) If not, you would never have decided to have your Gift Horse giveaway and I would not have been the lucky recipient of this little foal!

    For the longest time I struggled with my first CM (the polo pony) that I almost gave up trying to CM anything.

    This little foal, although far from finshed, has shown me that CMing doesn't have to be fearful but can be a fun and learning experience all rolled into one! Now I'm actually looking forward to what my third CMing project will be and all the models around here are cowering!! hahaha

    All kidding aside - Thank you Jennifer, I couldn't have gotten this far without you!!

  3. Evelyn, I cannot WAIT to see how you finish this baby--it's completely adorable! You planning to stay with the appy coloring, or something different? :)

    1. Plastiqueponi, I'm really not sure... There's so many colors choices, I may have to wait for the foal to give me a hint of what color IT wants to be :)