Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Almost wordless Wednesday

One of my earliest tack-for-model trades netted me this handsome North Light Appaloosa.
Dragon Tales formerly known as Twist + Shout and Just Leavum Laughing
He came with a full set of Carol Gerhard show photos.  Back in the day, Carol ran a successful photography service for would be photo showers.  Customers would send her a model, and she would return it with photographs in every conceivable event.  Although I was much too cheap to avail myself of her services, I always admired her pictures (and her tack collection!).  I've never shown any of Dragon Tales' Gerhard photos, but I'm happy to have them in my possession.  Hope you enjoy them, too!
Western Games (Crawl Through Barrel Race)
Cross Country
English Trail (sidepass over pole)
Calf Roping
Western Riding (this class used to include a gate)
English Bareback
Team Roping
Natural Trail
Western Pleasure
Circus Costume
English Pleasure
Flag Race
Team Penning
Western Bareback


  1. Beautiful photos! And very sweet horse.

  2. Lovely photos and horse! I can never take performance pictures sans riders seriously though - especially with a stationary horse!

  3. These are beautiful pictures! I never knew you could show a standing horse in such a variety of events! Very inspiring!

  4. Very inspiring, wish I had the time and energy to take lots more performance pics of my models. I've sold some of my older performance models and really could do with some new pictures, especially since I've gained some fantastic models recently.

  5. These pictures were taken in 1995, and although I think they're lovely, I also think they're fairly dated. Personally, I wouldn't show a standing model working a cutting calf!!

    Carol did use dolls in most of her traditional scale performance set-ups. Dragon is classic scale, however, so his pictures don't include riders. Like Last Alliance, I'm not a fan of riderless performance, particularly in events where the doll rather has a specific task (like crawling through a barrel!).

  6. That pony is so you....

    1. He does look like a pony, doesn't he? His first two owners showed him as an Appaloosa, but I changed that to POA.


  7. Dragon Tales is a cutie. But will you be mad at me if I say this photo series caused me to chuckle? I think it's a bit funny to see DT just... standing there. Some of them are definitely more effective than others, shall we say! :-) Carol really is a talented photographer. He's just a bit too static for, like, (as you said) the cutting. Or even the jumper one - it looks like he dumped his rider somewhere before the fence and now is contemplating his sins. I know, I'm horrible!

    I also noticed that current Western tack fits model horses better. That saddle is sitting miles above his back. Interesting to see how far tackmakers have come in versimilitude!

  8. At the time, I didn't get to see much of what Carol Gerhard did for the hobby, so I'm delighted to encounter this full set of photos. (Circus costume, wow!) She was a good customer of mine for decades. I hazard that the Western saddle was a Carol Howard; they often sat high; my Howard saddle does. However, Carol Williams' kits came out in the early 90s, so it could have been one of those. The English saddle was probably a Sue Rowe.