Monday, March 18, 2013

Expo postscript

Although the Colorado Driving Society's collection of carriages was my favorite display at this year's Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, this packing booth was a close second.
This was an attractive and well organized exhibit that included both sawbuck...
and Decker style packsaddles.
However, it wasn't the tack that drew me in...
It was the mule!
O.o.  I think he's the cutest mannequin I've ever seen!
And--maybe I'm reaching here--but doesn't he look an awful lot like my old Marx Pancho model?  

Thank goodness he wasn't for sale.  I'd hate to have to clear a space for something that big on my shelf!


  1. Definitely close to Pancho!
    And close to my memory of life-size "mulus fibreglassus" models in the Anne Stradling Museum of the Horse, in AZ in the 70s and 80s. This museum is now part of Ruidoso racecourse.

  2. I too was reminded of the Marx Horse ;)
    -Heather Larkins

  3. Yes, he looks exactly like Pancho! That's a riot! I'm jealous, yours is in better shape than my poor tail-less guy.

    Don't think Seth would have been too thrilled if you'd pulled in with that guy strapped to the roof. :-)