Friday, September 30, 2011

Trading spaces

It seems that every time I go out to the barn, Trillium is living in a new place. Today, she was all by herself in a small paddock with a little shelter at one end.
On other days, she's shared living quarters with Toby, 
and a few others whose names I don't know. 
I don't mind the frequent changes of address. They give me a chance to get acquainted with the other equines living at Big Iron Ranch.
The next three ponies work the birthday party circuit on weekends. Apparently, party goers can paint them for an extra charge. It's always interesting to see what colors they are!
Can you see the pink in his tail?
This one is my favorite--SO cute!
There are also a couple cute babies...
as well as several good looking "big" horses.
 This buckskin pinto is another favorite.
 He has the most beautiful two colored eyes.
I like this Appaloosa, too.
Check out that nose spot! 
I can hardly wait to see who Trillium will be living with next week!

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  1. the donkeys ears look so much like eyes i could almost imagen the blinking at me XD