Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Model Friesians

I have a confession to make:  I'm not really a Friesian fan.  

It's not that I dislike Friesians exactly...  They just don't appeal to me in an "I want to own it" kind of way.  I had a great time hanging out at last weekend's FHANA Keuring,  but at the end of the day, there wasn't one single horse I wanted to take home with me.

Of course, model Friesians are a whole different story!  Those I'm happy to own, as evidenced by the following pictures.

My oldest Friesian is Frysbee.  He's the first Breyer Friesian, and I've owned him since his original release in 1992!
Next up is Tristan.  This is the first version North Light Friesian.  I got him in a tack trade some ten years ago.  
Lastly, there's Velma.  This is a Breyer Gem Twist customized and painted by me.  I haven't finished very many customs, so she's kind of special!
One original finish plastic, one original finish resin and one custom.  All I need is an artist resin Friesian and I will have a complete set.  Hmmmm....


  1. I like Friesians for their own sake but I feel a bit burned out on them in general. Yes, they are gorgeous (what horse isn't?) but they keep showing up in places that I'm not sure make sense. Movies about Medieval England, for instance. Granted, I'm no expert: Maybe they had Friesians, but didn't England have enough of its own horses? They're like the Default Regal Horse for everything, even if they may not be accurate for the situation.

    Never been crazy about the OF Trad Breyer, but I love the SM in all her colors. And I love Velma! I was always kind of disappointed that Gem Twist was such a nice performance pose but was so stiff and personality-less: She's a big improvement.

  2. And a china would help round out your collection even more!

  3. Serena--I like the way you think!!


  4. Where did you get the Northern light Friesian! I've been looking for a Friesian forever and I just haven't been able to find one but I like the Northern Light one so much more than the Breyer one!


  5. I got my North Light Friesian in a tack for models trade. There is a post about it here. He is a really neat model, but he's an odd size--somewhere between classic and very small traditional.

  6. I'm new here. Question, do you model your own horses any, or do you primarily do customs, i.e. altered breyers, etc.
    I've done both, but I primarily do my own work. I'd like to either learn to make my own casts, or figure out a way to be able to afford someone else doing it? I contacted a foundry in CA who does this, but costs are out of my reach. Does everyone send theirs to China? I've had people ask me if I do bronzes, not that I'm that good, but I'd love to have that chance.
    Also, I own one of Deborah McDermott's artist proofs that I'd like to sell. Where is a good place to sell these? It needs to go to someone who can do it justice as I'm not as good at painting something hat detailed.

    1. I dabble a bit in customizing, but I'm not really a sculptor. However, I do have friends who produce resins for the model horse hobby. Typically they build a waste mold for their original sculpture at home, caste a few copies in resin, clean them up and send them to a professional resin casting company such as Resins by Randy.

      The best place I know of to sell your Deb McDermott artist proof is Model Horse $ales Pages.

      Good luck!