Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've been feeling a bit out of sorts this week, and it has taken a big toll on my productivity.

That was ok on Monday and Tuesday, but yesterday I felt as though I needed to get something done in the studio.  To that end, I started no less than three tack projects.  Unfortunately, I just couldn't seem to get traction on any of them.  Deciding that any progress was better than no progress, I shifted from tack mode into paint mode.  This little calf had been languishing on my project shelf for more than a year.  Now he's just a couple coats of sealer away from the showring.  Hurray!
I was hoping that the success with the calf would break through my creative block, but nothing is ever that easy.  Today was almost as frustrating as yesterday.  Eventually, I decided to make something that was fun and easy.  Something I could finish in one sitting.  This racing saddle is the result.
Tomorrow is a pony day, and I am really hoping that spending time with her will help me feel more centered.  I don't suffer from "tackmaker's block" very often and I'm not enjoying the experience!

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