Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ponies on the brain

There's no denying it--I've spent most of the weekend thinking about ponies... and pony saddles!
One of these saddles is going to my friend Sheila Anderson Bishop for use on her Cerridwen and Comet pony resins.    
I just love these resins!  They have such nice pony character, and the size is perfectly in line with other common traditional scale ponies.  This may not seem important to the casual collector, but it sure makes things easier if you're interested in performance.
In fact, Cerridwen's saddle fits both Newsworthy...
and the Stone Pony quite nicely. 
It's also passable on Flash, although his mane makes things a bit awkward.  
If you're interested in adding a "Sheila pony" to your show string, be sure to check out her ads on MH$P and Facebook.


  1. You just reminded me that I need tack for the model Flick... Although, if you did real scale, the real guy has been promised a black bridle before he dies. At 28, I should get on that...

  2. I know the frustrations of saddling a horse with a flying mane. Particularly Weather Girl and Templado from Breyer.