Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Presents and things

Teresa came over today.  Mostly she wanted me to take pictures of her sales horses,
(Darcy helped)
but she didn't come empty handed.    
The copy of Art Horse magazine comes from Regan.  I'm not familiar with this publication, but this particular issue is full of good tack reference pictures.   Just look at the Akhal Teke bridles!
Regan also sent this dressage saddle, but I have a feeling it's not a gift.  Nothing is obviously broken, so I'm guessing it just needs a few small updates?  No matter the reason, I always like to have tack by other tackmakers in the studio.  There is so much to learn from other artisans.
Last but certainly not least, Teresa brought me a Roundie resin!
This is a waste mold casting from Karen's original clay sculpture.  Karen is always generous about gifting local hobbyists with her studio extras, and I am just delighted this guy has found his way into my hands.
Here he is with his more polished brother.  Teresa and I had a good time playing compare and contrast with the two of them today.  We were both surprised to see that the rough one had finer mold detail throughout his neck and shoulders.
Thanks Regan, Karen and, of course, Teresa!


  1. :) feel better Darcy!! does the cast impair her at all?? she looks like she loves to be the center of attention! I'm personally not a fan of the Roundabout resin. A little to thick for my taste.

  2. Darcy's cast is OFF! Woo hoo!! I think I'm even happier about it than she is. She had NO problems getting around with it on there. Ha. Nothing slows down the crazy orange dog.


    Roundabout isn't a perfect sculpt (what is?) but there is a lot to like about him. He has such a cheerful look. I'm very happy to have been gifted with this little guy. Check out today's post to see what I have in mind for my copy.