Saturday, September 10, 2011


Rodents like shiny things, so it should come as no surprise that Basil was compelled to investigate the fancy box containing my new Abby Marston Arabian costume.
Naturally, this led to a saddling. 
But something is not right.
Basil seems angst ridden. 
Perhaps she has her eye on that sultan?
Much better! 
Watch out, world!  Basil the amazing Performance Rat has branched out into the Other Performance division!


  1. Awww, so cute! I love Basil. I wonder how she would look in medieval garb...hmm...

  2. Again and again I am amazed that you trust your gorgeous tack to an animal with such talented teeth.

  3. The costume and doll are absolutely stunning. I lost many hundreds of dollars and trade value to Abby Marston - such a shame that such a talent had to go so bad. I'm glad you finally got your items.

  4. Basil and I have a pact--I leave the bridles in the tack box and she keeps her teeth off the saddles!

    Kellye--I am really sorry to hear that you've had trouble with Abby, too. Have you spoken to her recently. She has been extremely apologetic and accommodating of late, but perhaps that's because my costume was finished? It's worth a shot anyway!

  5. My husband wants video. He says Basil must be so cute waddling around like that. Can she walk with the rider or is he too heavy for her?

  6. You know, my new camera does take video. I always forget that, but it's definitely a possibility. Basil has no problem getting around under tack. In fact, we have to ply her with treats to get her to stay still long enough for photos. No treats=rodeo bronc rat! Ha ha. Maybe that's an idea for a future Basil post!