Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorites

With more than one thousand blog posts under my belt, it's safe to say that I'm not often at a loss for words.  This model, however, leaves me speechless.
I'm sure most hobbyists have seen her before.  Australian finishwork artist extraordinaire, Liz Shaw, chronicled her nine month creation on her Tick Tock Studio blog, and links to her MHSP ad have been splashed all over the internet in the last week.
Still, a model like this deserves the attention.
No one has mastered the delicate application of white markings like Liz Shaw.
There is not one thing about this that looks like painted plastic.
When I look at this, all I see is horse.  Real live breathing horse.
And that mottling!  And those hooves!
This horse is amazing...
from every single...
conceivable angle!
Liz's Victrix is currently at auction on the My Auction Barn website.  Bidding closes tomorrow.  Even though I am not in the running, I am looking forward to seeing her final selling price.  I suspect it will be a record breaker!
Congratulations, Liz!  This is a truly amazing piece.  You continue to set standard for model horse artists the world over.


  1. this horse truly is a work or art!!! i, also, am very interested to see what she sells for in the end!!

  2. Jennifer! Reading your post gave me goose bumps (I still have them!). Thank you so, so much for your very, very kind compliments. ((hug))

    You've inspired me to get my butt off this PC and go paint - my heart feels like it's 'singing' right now and it usually only feels like that when I'm actually painting so thank you :)

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  4. Holy smokes, when I opened your page and glanced down and saw that photo, all I thought was, "Oh, she must have seen a pretty Appy." Never even thought "MODEL Appy." That horse is UNBELIEVABLE!!! What a triumph! I'm actually kind of surprised it's for sale - if I killed myself over something with results like that, I think I'd have to keep it. Although, she may wind up financing a new car, and deservedly so! :-)

  5. ...WOW. Has anyone beat her record sale price since?

    Seeing models like this make me:
    A. Want to work as hard as I can to reach a simulacrum of this perfection
    B. Give up entirely because I will never reach even a simulacrum of this perfection

  6. This model is again for sale, as seen on MH$P. I wonder who the next owner will be?

  7. OMG!!!!!! wow. Thats a beautiful model, incredible. Incredible price also!!!