Friday, September 2, 2011

Phone Book Race

Here's another performance idea gleaned from last Saturday's Pentathlon at the Cottonwood Riding Club in Littleton, Colorado.  The Phone Book Race was part of the Trail class there, but it works equally well as a stand alone gymkhana event.

The rules of this class are simple.  The competitors ride to a designated spot, where they must dismount... 
and retrieve a specific page from a phone book.
With page in hand, the riders remount and check in with an event official.  The pair with the fastest time (and correct page) win.
So there you have it--reference photos for a timed event in which grazing is not a serious fault.  Woo hoo!  


  1. what a cool idea!!!! fun and makes a use for old phone books too!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahaha do those youngin's even know what a phone book is?? LOL. Soon this event will evoke the same feelings as the sweet heart candies that read "fax me" :)

  3. We used to play that game (or "Yellow Pages" version) at riding club when I was a kid. It was really fun back when the Dallas phone books were HUGE and you really had to search to find the right page! I've done this setup with my models before.

  4. This actually looks like SO much fun. I know if I were a pony club horse, this would most definitely be my favorite event ;) No running, no jumping, no rider, just grazing! Haha... thanks for the cool idea!