Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bargain Barn--Randa & Emily's OF's

Welcome to the second installment of the Bargain Barn.  This recurring series highlights budget priced models who have risen above their humble beginnings to become big winners in the live show ring.

All three of today's horses hail from the Original Finish Halter ranks.  The first two are owned by Randa Garrett who lives in my husband's hometown of Overland Park, Kansas.  She writes:  This is Gallabuxur fra Tviburi Vor, my Icelandic Pony SM.  I bought her at Target for around $6 I think.  She went Top Ten at NAN 2010.

My second one is TS Emperor Harry my Safari Shire Stallion.  I bought him at Tractor Supply Co. for $7.99.  At American Heartland Live 2011 he was first in the Mini (LB and smaller) Clydesdale/Shire class (including stone & breyer) and then went on to win Draft Breed Reserve Champion.  He will be going to NAN 2012.
Emily Dunnan has a similar rags to riches story.  She writes: I bought a Breyer Valentine for $20 in January; she has only been to two shows, and has NAN’d both times. At this past NAN in Tucson, Delilah won the gold cookie in OF European Warmblood, against a bunch of connoisseur and SR models. Here’s her picture from the NAN website:
photo courtesy of NAMHSA
Lovely models, ladies, and thank you so much for sharing!  If you have a "little model that could" in your showstring and you would like to see him featured here, please contact me at


  1. Question: how come that OF Breyer Valentine was so competitive? I thought that pretty much any model that did well was NOT an OF Breyer since those are so common... so this is surprising to me. Not that she isn't gorgeous, I think that's a beautiful model and would love to have one!

  2. I wonder what breed that Valentine was shown as? Gorgeous models, being a low budget collector myself I'm looking forward to more of these posts!

  3. Usually I am the WORST person to ask questions about Original Finish showing, but I think I can actually handle these!

    Most model horse shows offer multiple halter divisions so it's extremely unusual for original finish plastic models to show against resins, customs or chinas. Here in Colorado we tend to split things further. Stones and Breyers each have their own classes!

    NAN also splits some OF classes by manufacturer. Emily's Valentine won the Breyer European Warmblood class. She was shown as a Mecklenburger. The second place horse was an Appaloosa Keltec Salinero.

    Hope this helps!