Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo

Every so often, I feel compelled to drag my non-horsey children to some sort of equine event. The results have been mixed, so I wasn't entirely surprised when James told me in no uncertain terms that he did not want to go to the Elizabeth Stampede Rodeo today.  Fortunately, I didn't listen to him.
We arrived early so as have plenty of time to enjoy the vendor area.  Both kids rode the mechanical bull...
and we did some window shopping.  After all, there just aren't that many places where you can you buy both frog legs... 
and giant plushy ponies!
As per usual,
 James found lots of dogs to pet.
And of course no one could resist the Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand.
Eventually, we found our way to the rodeo arena.  Our seats were on the end of the ring near the roping chutes.  Can you see my men?
They're way up there in the center of the second to last row.
The rodeo opened with a drill team...
and lots of rodeo royalty. 
After the National Anthem, it was time for the competition.  We watched a full day of bareback broncs,
team roping,
mutton busting,
saddle broncs,
steer wrestling,
tie down roping, 
and barrel racing.
The best part of the day, however, came on the ride home when James said, "That was fun, Mama.  I'll go with you again next year."


  1. How cute! James sounds like my little brother(s) - can;t wait to get their hands on those dogs! Looks like you guys had alot of fun!

  2. Sounds like a nice day. That shaved ice really looks good!

  3. huh, all I did was ride, laugh at Michael's needless rant, panic about the I'net being down and sticking stickers on NAN tags...

  4. love the saddle bronc horse!!! what an awesome colour!!! wouldn't it be neat to recreate one of those pics in miniature??

    there's a bucking resin out there that's really neat...not sure what size it is though!! or the name of it!!!! i saw it just the other day and thought it looked really neat!

  5. Next year I'm going to go no matter what Husband says. We only made $50 at our garage sale and that shaved ice looks wonderful.

  6. Gonna have to drag someone to Independence Day stampede (just not on that day) because we got tickets and the hubby said he'll go!