Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My judging assignments at the Springamathing Live Show included the Youth/Novice Stone division and the Youth/Novice Performance division.  Colorado is not known for its strong Youth/Novice contingent, so I wasn't expecting to have to work very hard for my judges' model.  Still, I didn't think my tables would be quite this empty!
Performance wasn't any better.  I was actually feeling a bit guilty about that trophy model. 
And then...  Heather asked if I could judge the Stone Collectibility division.  I had my doubts.  Blue horses are not really my area of expertise, but everyone said it would be easy and there didn't seem to be that many horses on the table... 
Of course, that's because they hadn't actually finished loading the table!
I asked several different people about the criteria for judging Stone Collectibility, but there didn't seem to be much consensus.  If you were showing in this division at Springamathing, I am so sorry.  I did my best! 
I think I did end up choosing a lot of pretty horses.  This is the Championship callback table.  The trotting drafter in the back row was the overall champion and the paint ISH with braids in the front was reserve.
That was interesting but next time I'll stick to judging performance.  Thanks.


  1. Judging collectability is my idea of a nightmare. It's so subjective and people get very, very angry (at least around here) if they just dropped far too much money on the "perfect" horse and it doesn't win. That and I don't know if you get this on the Colorado circuit, but around here there are Big Name models as well as Big Name showers, and there are apparently intricate collectability politics relating to how those two things place entries.

  2. I wouldn't even try to judge collectability anywhere outside of Colorado. Everyone is so nice and laid back here. I think they were able to appreciate the comedic aspect of my judging.

    And really, that Little Bird didn't win just because he was the only horse in the entire division with tack. Really.

  3. My blue horse thanks you for his yellow card :D

  4. Well, models of real horses I've met are more collectible than generic made up models, right?

    Seriously though, Blue Flick is absolutely lovely. If I was going to own a blue horse, that would be my first choice.

  5. I show collectibility. I blog about collectibility. I consider myself a fair collectibility judge. But I *still* can't tell you how to judge collectibility Stone. Does--not--compute.