Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kellye's other NAN pictures

My friend Carol and I went camping with our kids and my dogs last night.  A good time was had by all, but I am exhausted and uninspired today.  Fortunately thanks to Kellye Bussey, I still have lots of NAN pictures to share.  

First up is Kellye's lovely custom PAM by Sue Kern shown in an Arabian costume by Karen Beeson.  This set up was Top Ten (third by points) in the Custom Arab Costume class.
Kellye's Lorenzo (custom Deseoso by Lyn Norbury) followed his victory in the Scene class with a Top Ten in Other Performance.  His tack was made by Vicky Norris. 
Also garnering a Top Ten in the Other Performance class was Kellye's other Andalusain, Fiesta.  This is a custom Stage Mom showing in a Spanish Leadline class with dolls by Joan Yount.
It was Kellye's third horse, however, who won the Other Performance class.
Diamond Jubilee is a Sarah Rose Miss America resin customized by Mindy Berg.  She also won the Natural English Trail class...
and Custom Huntseat English Pleasure.
Wrapping up the Custom Performance division, this is Amarillo by Morning, a customized Sarah Rose Lone Star by Lyn Norbury.  He won the Natural Western Trail class with a saddle by Des Corbett, bridle by Vicky Norris, and rider by Joan Yount. 
Moving on to the Original Finish classes, this is Wicked Lovely winning the OF Parade class in a vintage 1950's style parade set by Sue Bensema-Young with a doll by Joan Yount.
Lucy in the Sky took home the gold trophy in both the OF Huntseat Pleasure...
and the OF Western Pleasure Non Stock Type classes.  I'm not sure who is responsible for Lucy's English tack, but her Western gear was made by Erin Corbett.
Kellye's Breyer Valentine named Patina also had a good show.  She was first in OF Natural Western Trail, 
first in OF Stockwork,
and second in OF Other Western.  In all three classes, she wore a saddle by Des Corbett and a bridle by Vicky Norris.  Mary Haynes made the fabulous diorama.
As always, thanks and congratulations go out to Kellye Bussey.  If you want to know what national quality performance entries look like, look no further.  Kellye's set-ups are first rate and very deserving of all those wonderful placings!


  1. Kellye cleaned up! I think she was making up for missing 3 years! She has awesome set ups!

  2. Great set-ups. I do wish the people who customise dolls would pad out their skinny thighs though! :-)

  3. Me too!! If I ever get into doll making I will be sure to chunk them up a bit ;)