Friday, June 3, 2011

Scary Larry

Because Teresa has a full time job and I do not, she's been having most of the NAN raffle items shipped to me.  This has been a real treat.  After all, who doesn't like getting packages from some of the hobby's best artists?

Today the mailman brought a box from Melanie Miller.  Mel is on my short list of artists whose work I would love to own but cannot afford.  I didn't remember seeing her name on the list of raffle donors, but it never occurred to me that this was anything but an raffle item.

I took the box inside and opened it carefully, fully expecting to find one a beautifully painted mini or one of Mel's lovely medallians...

I did not expect to find this!
Ew, it looks like something from the Godfather
Seriously--What the hell? No one in their right mind is going to buy raffle tickets for this!!
Several minutes passed before it dawned on me that this probably had nothing to do with the raffle.  It was far more likely this was connected to Erin Corbett's Breyerfest order.  I put down the scary head and fired off a couple emails.
This is how the head mold was created
A few minutes later, my suspicions were confirmed.  Rather than sending me the list of measurements I'd asked for, Erin and Mel decided it would be better to make a mold of the model's head and send me a copy.  Obviously, they also determined it would be much funnier not to let me know about this in advance.  It's too bad they weren't here to see my reaction when the head arrived.  They probably would have laughed themselves silly!
Photo by Mel Miller used with permission
Ok, I have to admit--that was pretty funny!  And you never know, I might just find uses for that head beyond Erin's Breyerfest order.  After all, there is a hobby precedent for performance showing a bodyless head...


  1. You know that would have been funny no matter when it arrived, but the fact that I thought it was a raffle donation totally worked to your advantage. I've been getting random hobby boxes all week so I never saw it coming!

  2. Heeeeehehehe! Now you know what progress pics we were all secretive about on Facebook, LOL!!

    (Oh, but he was going to come with a pillow, just like in the Godfather, but that was nixed in the interest of space and time. So your thinking was right on the money!)

  3. Looks like the infamous Beowulf has a rival..? Is this head going to be Grendel? :-) How fun!

  4. OMG, I'm sitting here laughing my head off.... pun intended!!!

  5. I wish Mel had included the pillow! Truly that would have been the perfect accent to the severed head.

    And... I can't help but wonder what my reaction would have been if it had come when I wasn't expecting random model horse goodies in the mail. I might have thought that Mel had it in for me!

  6. Ah HA...

    I hope you are enjoying my gift of random hobby boxes. I am feeling cheated!

  7. Teresa--I am *loving* the parade of raffle items. I just wish I could keep a few of them permanently!

    I posted a picture of the head in the Blab thread entitled "What just arrived in your mailbox?". I didn't explain the situation and some of the responses have been really hilarious. My favorite so far: Did you in some way, I don't know... piss off the mafia?


  8. That's hilarious!! I truly love how people in this hobby have such a sense of humor!!!

  9. Looks like someone shot the guy one too many times with a BB gun!