Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Attention procrastinators!

(You know who you are.)

Tomorrow is the last day to purchase NAN raffle tickets on line.  If you haven't done so already, be sure to visit the raffle website sometime in the next twenty four hours.  Here's a quick recap of just a few of the wonderful offerings. 

Morgen Kilbourn's Johann resin
Carrie Sloan Meyer's Western bridle
Kirsten Wellman's custom Man O' War
Jeanne Grunert's min Appaloosa resin
Carra McClelland's live show survival kit with yummy (!) beverages
Corinne Ensor's eventing tack
Tiffany Purdy's Naharasabi resin with custom halter by Jennifer Buxton
Many thanks to Teresa Buzzell for all her hard work in putting this raffle together and good luck to all who enter! 


  1. You talked me into it. First time I have ever bought tickets for NAN. Maybe I'll win Naharasabi!

  2. Yay! Good luck! If I can't win Naharasabi, I hope she'll go to a friend.