Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kellye's NAN pictures

More NAN photos--this first group comes from Kellye Bussey and focuses on some of her winning performance entries that included BCS tack.  First up is Lorenzo, a Sarah Rose Deseoso resin customized by Lyn Norbury.  He is wearing tack by Vicky Norris and a doll by Joan Yount.  I made the carreton (bull cart).  This set up won the Custom Scene class.
Fly By Night was Reserve Champion Custom Saddleseat.  I made the tack and Sheri Wirtz dressed the doll.
Next up is Arsenio, a custom Alborozo by Sheryl Liesure.  He was top ten in the Custom Dressage class wearing a BCS saddle and bridle and pad by Corinne Ensor.
On to Original Finish Performance--C Me Go is shown winning the OF Natural Trail Class with his BCS tack and Joan Yount doll.
C Me Go came back and won another gold cookie later in the Other English class with this Hunter Pace entry.    The tack on the prop horse was made by Tack Without a Doubt. 
I didn't actually make this next tack set, but I did fix it.  I must have done a pretty good job, too, since it help Kellye's Arabians win not one...
but two national titles.  Ha, ha--just kidding!  The real credit goes to Cary Nelson whose embroidered costumes are absolutely top notch.
Congratulations Kellye and thanks for once again making my tack look so good!


  1. Loved seeing these pictures! It's always torture waiting for the NAN photos to be uploaded on their site. Seeing some like these makes the waiting easier!

  2. Congratulations! ;-)