Saturday, June 11, 2011

NAN raffle preview--Naharasabi

Well, this stinks.

The mailman just delivered a big box from my hobby BFF, Tiffany Purdy.  Inside there was an absolutely beautiful Arabian resin...  And I don't get to keep it!
Naharasabi is a combination of two Sarah Rose Arabian resins.  Her head came from Khemosabi, her body from Nahar.  Tiffany put them together with a new neck, changed the tail and painted her a beautiful dapple bay color.
For just five dollars, this model could be yours.
However, you've got to act quickly.  The deadline for buying raffle tickets online is Wednesday, June 15.  After that, they can only be purchased at NAN in Tuscon.  Please visit the raffle's webpage for more information.


  1. yummy, can't wait to see in person. buying tickets for sure.

  2. You have no idea how tempted I was to take really horrible, unflattering pictures of this piece so that no one would want to buy tickets for it. Seriously!

    Teresa came over to pick up raffle donations today and I let her take everything but Naharasabi. I'm telling you, she *wants* to live with me!


  3. Between the two of us, Vicky and I are going to buy a million tickets so the rest of you don't stand a chance. LOL

  4. I'm sorry, Kellye. I have it on the best authority--Naharasabi doesn't want to live in Texas. She wants to stay here in Colorado.


  5. Well if I win her she can live in your show string while I'm in my current living situation!

  6. And once again, things I can't keep. *sigh*

    And she is SO beautiful. She should be up tomorrow. My web slave was not home today.

  7. Web slave back at home and she is live on the raffle page now!