Thursday, June 2, 2011


In order to keep my collection from spiraling out of control, I've developed a few rules about what I do and do not collect.  Mainly, I limit myself to traditional size resins, customs and performance related items.   I avoid original finish models, mini scale models and all types of conga lines.

However, we all know that rules are made to be broken.

That's the only explanation for how this group of models has come to occupy the place of honor in my studio.
All four of these models were produced by the Peter Stone Company for last weekend's Springamathing Live Show.  The Saddlebred was the official show model.  He is the newest addition to the Stone line and was sculpted by one of my favorite artists, Kathi Bogucki.  In my mind, his Bogucki-ness trumps his OF-ness.  On those grounds alone, it wasn't hard for me to justify his purchase.
The Ideal Stock Horse was given to each of the Springamathing judges as payment for the day's work.  I'd planned to sell this model, at least until I saw him in person.  He's so much nicer than I'd expected with his rich bay color, high gloss finish and lightly customized mane and tail.  Definitely a keeper!
And then there's the trophy models...  Once again, I'd originally planned to sell one or both of these.  
Then I noticed that although their left sides are almost identical, their right sides are like a game of "Spot the Differences".  I have spent a ridiculous amount of time playing compare and contrast with them.  How could I ever split them up?
One pattern, four different manifestations.  
Suddenly I'm understanding those original finish collectors with their conga lines of alike but different models.  Not that I'm going to become one, mind you.  After all, I have my rules.


  1. What a beautiful group! That ISH is really something, and the paint jobs on the two Pebbles ASB's look really good. Don't blame you for hating to part with any of them.

  2. Kellye, I sort of blame you for the big Saddlebred. Granted, he's a Bogucki so I'm susceptible, but every time I see your avatar on Blab(for everyone NOT on Blab, it's a Stone Saddlebred in parade tack)... I sigh and think "I NEED one of those!"


  3. that I see that new ASB from Stone, I'm almost wondering if he wouldn't work for my Santana custom I'm working on.....drat. That is a fantastic model, and also a great set of models!! Beautiful!

  4. Hehe, it was exactly that same avatar on Blab that got me thinking I might need one of those Stone Saddlebreds! (and one of my rules is not to start collecting stones, but I do have a few) And I have seen some that are reasonably priced...

  5. Yeah,that saddlebred. I didn't know it was a Bogucki sculpture but I saw another one in the show ring that was this delicious glossy shade of dark bay... I think I'm being seduced by the dark side.

  6. Love how well these guys match!