Saturday, May 14, 2011

NAN raffle

This year's NAN won't include an auction.  

Like so many others, I was terribly disappointed when the NAMHSA board announced that decision.  In addition to being a terrific fundraiser, the auction is wonderful showcase of hobby talent.  Some of the hobby's top artists have created their best works specifically for this auction, and together with my friend Jane Schneider, I have been a proud auction donor for each of the last three years.

Fortunately, where there's a will, there's usually a way.  My friend Teresa Buzzell is on the NAMHSA board, and she took it upon herself to organize an alternate fundraising event.  
Teresa writes: After we on the BOD decided that an auction was not feasible for NAN this year, I thought long and hard about possibly doing a raffle. I am going to NAN this year (I hit all the indy ones) and knew people who would have extra space if necessary to help me ferry stuff to Tucson. I had a list of people to ask in my head and have ran raffles before for my own shows. I  also thought that I have a good handle of how to make the individual lots attractive to people to purchase. Also, I had a pretty concrete idea on how to get donations and market them. (And I knew I could bug Jennifer and other friends to help!)
Raffle Lot #9

Unpainted Johann Resin by Morgen Kilbourn

Showers really enjoy having something attached to a show - whether it be a social activity, auction or raffle - and have come to expect it from NAMHSA at NAN. Plus, who doesn't like a chance to come home with something new for just a little bit of cash? Unfortunately, Indy NANs are not really conducive to room sales and table sales have never been allowed at NAN itself. So, with the thought in mind that if I didn't do it, no one else would... 
Raffle Lot #14

Curio Sized Unpainted Warmblood Resin by Deborah McDermott

I wrote a detailed proposal for a raffle and submitted it to the BOD, covering just about everything that I could think of. I knew that the touchy subject of what happened in 2010 was forefront in our minds and wrote a lot of it with that in mind.
Raffle Lot #14 again

This guy is so cute--I have to remind myself that I don't collect minis!

The BOD approved the proposal and I was able to put it into play once I made sure it was legal. You can certainly tell what my hobby focuses are in the items that are in the raffle. I am a performance person who also enjoys clinkies. (Especially if they can do performance :D) Plus, I asked a lot of people I consider to be good friends to donate - definitely using up my stack of favors! (Thankfully, many of my friends are tack makers and sculptor/painters...) 
Raffle Lot #13

Trad Scale Western Show Bridle by Carrie Sloan Meyer

There are first time donors and there are long time donors this time around. I certainly could NOT have done this with out all of the donors, that's for sure! There's a lot more items to come, besides what is up currently - more resins, more tack, more clinkies...just plain "MORE".
Raffle Lot #8

Working Western Set by Vicky Norris

One of my pet projects is an all NIB Breyer Extravaganza lot. All items are donated at 100% (and we're looking for MORE!) and will be raffled off as a group lot - one ticket takes it ALL home. Tickets for this are just a $1! So far, we have a (all NIB) Alborozo, new issue Kong, glossy Valentine/Heartbreaker, All Glory, etc. Even if some of these are duplicates to your collection, the price is well worth the opportunity to win!
Raffle Lot #8 again

Working Western Set by Vicky Norris--accessories

To see more pictures of the raffle items and purchase tickets, please visit the NAN Raffle webpage.
Raffle Lot #?

Huntseat tack set by Jennifer Buxton

Please join me in thanking Teresa for her efforts in making this raffle a reality!   In addition to donating a complete set of huntseat tack, I will also be helping Teresa photograph the raffle items as they come in.  Trust me when I say that she's expecting a lot of really nice stuff--start saving your pennies now!


  1. Thanks for posting Teresa's write up about the NAN Raffle! I don't know how much advertising they are doing. This is a great way to advertise!
    I can't wait to see what you are going to do!!
    I'm going to have to buy tickets for a couple of items....

  2. I've seen the list of donors and I expect there will be a lot of good stuff heading to Colorado (and then Arizona) in the next month. I'll post pictures of everything as it arrives. So fun for me to see everything up close and in person!

    And, yeah, I'll be buying a LOT of raffle tickets. I might even break my NO minis rule and try for that little Deb McDermott warmblood. He is just too darn cute!

  3. Beautiful donations!

    I gather it's a touchy subject, but may I ask what happened in 2010?

  4. @Allie,

    There are some unresolved issues from the 2010 raffle that unfortunately have moved to the stage involving lawyers.

    Which means that details cannot be mentioned.

  5. I'm so excited! I actually get to go to NAN this year and I anticipate a sore hand and wrist from writing my name on LOTS of raffle tickets! I was so disappointed that there would not be an auction but this definitely helps make up for it. Lots of exciting raffle items so far!

  6. I've been gleefully eyeballing the things that are up already and can't WAIT to see what else there will be! NAN is my graduation present, so i'm going to do it in a big way this year; hopefully i'll be able to get TONS of raffle tickets and bring some wonderful thing back to texas as a memory of NAN 2011 and my Bachelor's Degree :)

  7. @Allie & Shamrock -

    The issue involving lawyers didn't come up until months after the auction announcement.

    I was told they had trouble finding a coordinator. I'm not surprised given the coordinator made no secret about the abuse she received from a couple board members.