Friday, May 6, 2011

Blast from the past

Although I've been making model horse tack on and off since childhood, I didn't start selling my work until I moved to Colorado in 1998.   My main emphasis in those days was strap goods--it took another five years before I graduated to making English saddles.  My earliest pieces were unsigned and most have disappeared into the hobby at large.  Every now and then, however, I get some news about one of the old ones.  

Marilyn Jensen sent this report a couple weeks back:  I don't know if you remember making an English saddle & bridle for me about 7 (?) years ago (to hang in my barn scene!) -- I had never had it on a horse until Saturday when I went to the Last Chance Live show in Tucson.  My barn scene won an Other Performance Championship, then I put the saddle and bridle on my custom glaze HR reissue Comella who won a few English classes and then won Best in Show!  (it was a small show, but there were some really nice entries there).  I have attached a pic of the barn, hope you enjoy seeing it.
Thank you so much for the update, Marilyn!  It's good to know that those older saddles are still earning their keep all these years later!


  1. Very nice! I have that American Girl barn, it's a wonderful little roombox. Shame they discontinued those.

  2. I loved the American Girl stuff and read each catalog until it was falling apart. The roomboxes came out at the perfect time for me, when I was a little too old for dolls but enamored with miniatures and dollhouses. I would have loved to have one, but American Girl is not on the average American budget, if y'know what I mean. So nice to see an old piece come back to light, though!

  3. Such a cute horse!

    -Kelsey Roe